Woman Confesses After Police Spot Murder Weapon in Her Facebook Photo

Friday, 19 Jan, 2018

Brittney Gargol's best friend, a 21 year-old girl named Cheyenne Rose Antoine, tried to confuse the police and draw them away from her, coming up with stories and fake alibis. She was found without her shoes, lying on her back and with a belt. The cause of death was strangulation.

Before Antoine was condemned, Gargol's close relative gave a casualty affect explanation to the court.

Police had no leads for two years. The twist came in the gargol case, after Antonie posted a selfie on social media website Facebook of the two of them, hours before the Gargol died.

Antoine (seen below) claims that Gargol was her best friend. Antoine told detectives the pair had visited several bars together before her friend left with an unknown man.

According to her confession, Antoine and Gargol were intoxicated and got in an argument, and she strangled Gargol with the belt before leaving her body.

The image reported The Star Phoenix led to Antoine being found guilty of manslaughter.

And the key piece of evidence was a Facebook photo of the pair.

In the photo - reportedly taken hours before Gargol's death - Antoine can be seen wearing a belt that was found near Gargol's body.

Antoine also had bruises and cuts on her hands which she said was caused by her cousin biting her and from falling over while drunk. She says that she doesn't remember strangling Gargol to death but she doesn't dispute that she did indeed kill her.

A Facebook selfie has been crucial to solving a mysterious murder case.

Antoine has been sentenced to seven years in prison, the term was shortened after a guilty plea from Antoine, who showed remorse for her actions.

In a statement through her lawyer, Antoine said she would never forgive herself for what she had done. Prosecutors said the belt was found at the crime scene, and they believe Antoine killed her friend with it. I am very, very sorry ... The judge showed some leniency, pointing to Antoine's life of abuse in the foster care system and her apparent remorse. Brittney Gargol, with auburn hair draped across her shoulder, produces an upturned smirk.

She was arrested for the killing while in jail.

Gargol's father, Everett Hillbom, told the court he was shocked by the death of his young daughter, who was 18 at the time.