North Korea's Olympic move a chance for U.S. talks, analyst says

Monday, 22 Jan, 2018

Earlier this week in Moscow, Lavrov said that North Korean leader Kim Jong Un will not agree to give up nuclear weapons in exchange for lifting sanctions if the same arrangement with Tehran collapses.

He was presumably referring to his doctor telling White House reporters Tuesday that Trump had aced the Montreal Cognitive Assessment, which includes tasks like naming animals underneath pictures of them, identifying one's current location and drawing clock hands. It's imperative to our nation's national security to push for diplomatic efforts with North Korea and ensure President Trump can not attack North Korea without prior approval of Congress.

Citing Trump's recent indications he could be open to speaking with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, the lawmakers urged the president to "prioritize this form of communication" to avert a potential conflict.

South Korea said that the North's participation in the Games would be welcomed and offered talks in response.

Trump didn't place all of the blame for the current state of relations with North Korea on Russian Federation, however. He stated the USA needs to convince China we are willing to take drastic steps, like a cut off of trade, unless the Chinese cooperate to rein in North Korea's weapons ambitions.

"Russia is not going to join the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons", he said. Western European security sources told Reuters in December that Russian tankers had supplied fuel to North Korea on at least three occasions in recent months by transferring cargoes at sea in violation of global sanctions. Moreover, the US has been warning neighboring countries of North Korea such as South Korea and Japan to keep an eye on the potential moves.

US President Donald Trump's allegations of Russia's assistance to North Korea in evading worldwide economic sanctions pursue to veil deficiency of sanctions regime, while plans to boost the US missile defense and offense may give rise to a new spiral in the escalation of tension in Northeast Asia, experts told Sputnik.

Despite the appearance of thawing tensions with North Korea, both Washington and Pyongyang have made several steps that suggest things could escalate soon.

"North Korea has an unflinching determination to advance its nuclear and missile program", she said, adding North Korea's sixth nuclear test conducted in September 2017 had a nuclear yield of 250 kilotons. What China is helping us with, Russian Federation is denting. The report also identified bottlenecks in Pyongyang's operations that are dependent on USA dollars and are vulnerable to disruption - including corporate entities that the report said provide cash for the regime in US dollars and are vulnerable not only to direct sanctions but also to indirect measures leveled against foreign banks holding their correspondent accounts.

This is likely because North Korea has found itself backed into a corner of late. Meanwhile, Mr Kim and Mr Trump measure each other's nuclear buttons.

Trump and his economic adviser Gary Cohn, who was also in the Oval Office, said China had forced USA companies to transfer their intellectual property to China as a cost of doing business there.

"I don't think it's useful to comment" he said.

"Such a powerful country as the US can indeed do a lot of beneficial things in eliminating terrorism", Lavrov said.