Yellowstone Open on Limited Basis During Government Shutdown

Tuesday, 23 Jan, 2018

In addition, the group projects about 21,000 park service employees are being furloughed with the shutdown, leaving about 3,200 "essential staff" to manage 80 million acres of national park lands.

Yellowstone will provide limited emergency response during the government shutdown.

Xanterra Parks & Resorts and other private companies that serve visitors at Yellowstone said they'd cover the cost of grooming the park's snow-packed roads for at least a week to keep them open. "That there will be rangers on duty".

Cache St., will temporarily operate as a regional visitor's center.

What makes the US park system the best in the world, he said, "is a professional corps of managers in the field that provide for that experience and protect the resource". NPS social media and websites are not being monitored or updated and may not reflect current conditions. A government shutdown could disproportionately harm those communities if parks remained closed. While a shutdown normally means federal land is off limits to the public, Secretary of Interior Ryan Zinke is changing that.

Eisenhower National Historic Site will also be closed during the shutdown. Barricades were erected around the National Mall in Washington.

If that experience proved anything, it was that closing parks and monuments is indisputably unpopular. During the 2013 shutdown - and previous shutdown threats - the District government had to prepare detailed contingency planning when they faced the threat of a shutdown.

MILITARY: The Defense Department says a shutdown would not affect the US military's war in Afghanistan or its operations against Islamist militants in Iraq and Syria.

The decision to keep the monuments open is a specific choice on the part of the administration, says Randy Simmons, a senior fellow at the Independent Institute and at the Property and Environment Research Center.

That includes the majority of Zinke's staff.

"It could affect it a whole lot because people come from a long way just to see this", Emileigh Bell said. "So your uniforms, showing up every day, your professionalism, is how most of America views our department". "Congress better get its act together".

And Bowser said she has called on her agencies "where we are able, to step in for the federal government".

NATIONAL PARKS: National parks remain accessible while still following all applicable laws and procedures, according to a spokesperson.

Some former Interior officials have criticized the move. "That's where it's going to be a great deal of chaos".

The last shutdown, in October 2013, lasted more than two weeks and more than 800,000 federal employees were furloughed.

"That's bad though", she said.

"The parks may choose to restrict access to some areas if there is a high risk of avalanche or it's a common spot for injuries since there will not be a regular patrol of the area", officials said.

Harris said she was offered a federal loan for disaster relief but declined because she didn't want to put herself in debt to the government "over something they caused". "Local police will respond to events on the perimeter of the park".