Guy bites iPhone battery and it explodes

Thursday, 25 Jan, 2018

A man was reportedly shopping for a replacement battery for his iPhone when he decides to take a closer look at it. Local reports suggest that the man was attempting to test the battery's authenticity. And when they do, there's always a theoretical chance that the battery will explode. The battery then ruptures, causing a small explosion, a flash of light and smoke.

In a world where people think it's a good idea to eat Tide Pods, it's a great idea to remind people that biting into iPhone batteries is not a good thing.

Social media users questioned the smartness of the man who bit the battery while others pointed out concerns how fragile the iPhone battery was that exploded after one bit.

Security camera footage captured January 19 at a store in Nanjing City, Jiangsu Province, shows the unidentified man biting into the iPhone battery, presumedly to check its authenticity.

In October, several incidents of iPhone 8 Plus batteries overheating and swelling out of their cases were reported in China, Japan and Taiwan.

Despite the explosion, Taiwan News reports that no one was injured from the incident.

Interestingly, this comes at a time when Apple is under fire for intentionally throttling CPU performance to give precedence to battery life, besides preventing sudden shut downs as well.

But Chinese electronics stores are infamous for stocking fake components.

The authenticity of a smartphone battery cannot be verified like that of a gold coin. Replacing an aging battery should fix the issue, as throttling happens due to the age of the battery and its decreased capacity rather than at a specific age of the phone itself.