How to add GIF stickers to Instagram Stories

Thursday, 25 Jan, 2018

While Snapchat is struggling to get its users back, Instagram is continuously improving the platform and is bring new features which people are liking. Users can use the GIF stickers in their photos and videos when posting to their story.

For the people who can't post enough Stories to Instagram, the app is adding GIF stickers for usage on your photos and videos that go directly into Stories.

Users can also browse through now trending topics on "GIPHY" platform or search their collection to find a sticker.

Instagram is rolling out a new GIF Stickers feature for Instagram Stories on Android and iOS. So how can users add GIF stickers to Stories?

With the upcoming update, your pictures and videos can be shared in their original dimensions, be they in a square, portrait or landscape format. So you don't need to crop important parts of your photo to fit Instagram's upload size. You can type in your search here. The company also announced that it will soon launch a feature to help with posting content with different aspect ratios.

Today, January 23, Instagram introduced the GIF stickers in its app for the users to make their respective stories more expressive.

Scroll down a few rows and you'll see a new option: the GIF sticker. The coming weeks will see the rollout of the expansive ability and other improvements to story uploads. Extra spaces along the sides will be taken care by adding matching gradient colors so that the story looks crisp. In the new update, you will notice there are now more tools that you can use to create GIFs. However, it appears that Android users will have to separately download the Motion Stills app.