Could Vince McMahon's XFL bring a new football team to Cleveland?

Friday, 26 Jan, 2018

So was the sex appeal, with cheerleaders who were even more scantily clad than the ones in the National Football League, and advertising that included innuendo about the cheerleaders. Where's my smash-mouth, wide-open football?

Vince McMahon announced the return of the XFL today. "This will not be a league for pantywaists and sissies". Plus, this will provide more opportunities for players who can't land jobs in the NFL or aren't interested in that league for whatever reason. The league that spawned "He Hate Me" and placed TV cameras in the bathroom flamed out in 2001 after one wild season. Four years later NBC paid $3 billion to get back into the NFL. As far as what this means for McMahon's involvement with the WWE, he said that this will not impact WWE's plans and that he will continue in his role as WWE Chairman and CEO. "Not reinvent", he said in an interview last week. There are a lot of questions about how it will be able to function after the failure of the first league and the increasing safety concerns of the game of football itself.

McMahon said the XFL did not want players with a criminal record and even a DUI would exclude an athlete from a contract.

- In terms of the national anthem, he feels you should stand and that it would be appropriate. McMahon said players in his league will not be given the forum to take a personal stance while on the playing field.

Lastly, Vince was asked about bringing politics into the game, his wife Linda is now the Ambassador for small businesses under the Trump Administration. The organization's "WrestleMania" event has twice been hosted at Trump properties in Atlantic City.

"We're not there yet, but it's awesome people remember that", McMahon said. I didn't really listen to him, and yet, here we are.

It's official: the XFL is back.

Cleveland was not part of the league's first run. Rumors of a reboot got fueled recently when McMahon, now 72 years old, sold $100 million of WWE stock.

"The quality of play, this is going to be a different game", McMahon said during his announcement.

As for the actual details of the league, only the outline is visible.

The XFL will include a 10-game regular season and three playoff games: two semifinal matches plus a championship game.

"It'll have nothing to do with politics or social issues, we're here to play football".

Vince said he doesn't believe there will be a half-time on their shows.

McMahon, who is best known for his career running WWE, is married to Linda McMahon. According to McMahon, the football games will be "shorter, faster-paced and family friendly".

Whether the XFL can properly challenge the NFL and win over real talent and the eyeballs of average Americans remains to be seen - but there has certainly never been a more opportune time to launch an opposing football league to the NFL than right now. So much so, in fact, that the new XFL will have no cheerleaders. But on opening night, at Sam Boyd Stadium in Las Vegas, he was screaming to the crowd and television audience: "This. Is. The".

The XFL launched in 2001 and eventually didn't make it past the first year. "That was a long time ago".