Palestinian Arabs prefer terrorism to peace deal, poll finds

Friday, 26 Jan, 2018

Almost twice as many Palestinians said they supported "armed struggle" against Israel compared with an identical survey six months previously, while there was also a fall in support for the two-state solution, the joint Israeli and Palestinian poll found. And they said we never talked.

Netanyahu said that Trump's decision on Jerusalem "pushes peace forward".

A spokesman for president Mahmoud Abbas said they would not meet with the U.S. administration until it withdrew its recognition of Jerusalem as Israel's capital.

Haley said the USA remains open to the idea of a two state solution and argued that Trump's actions "have done nothing to prejudge the final borders of Jerusalem".

In his remarks, Trump referenced Pence's trip to the Middle East, which did not include a meeting with Palestinian leaders.

The Jerusalem Post's Washington bureau chief and White House correspondent, Michael Wilner, even suggested that a further change in policy may doom the US-led peace process altogether.

Netanyahu, by contrast, speaking to Israel reporters after his 40-minute private meeting with the president, said it had been "excellent".

Originally, moving the embassy was expected to take years. As Trump got off the helicopter in Davos, he gestured to aides who held him by the arms as he walked across the snowy landing zone to his waiting vehicle.

The administration's special envoy Jason Greenblatt praised the deal on the US Consulate website, saying the American government "is proud to have worked closely" with Palestinian Authority officials, the Israeli government and the Office of the Quartet. He said he was bringing a message of "peace and prosperity" to the gathering. The protectionist-leaning president's last-minute decision to attend the annual gathering for political and business elites was unexpected.

Trump met separately with British Prime Minister Theresa May, batting away the idea that their relationship is strained after he canceled a recent visit to London and May criticized him for retweeting a United Kingdom far-right group's anti-Muslim videos.

"Because I can tell you that Israel does want to make peace and they're going to have to want to make peace too or we're going to have nothing to do with them any longer", Trump said.

Gentiloni said he believed the improving global economy stems from free trade, worldwide treaties and the "free-market union formula we have in Europe".

"So let's see what happens". Earlier this month, he pulled out of a potential February trip for the opening of a new USA embassy in London. Trump will also meet with his Switzerland counterpart to discuss bilateral investment, economic growth and innovation.

Mnuchin also said he's not "particularly concerned" by reports China is preparing to wind down its purchases of U.S. Treasuries, in part because of the U.S.'s stance on free trade. The majority of the global community holds that the city's status should be negotiated between both sides of the conflict. Another, an American financier called Trump being at the forum "the height of hypocrisy".

Ross said Wednesday that Trudeau's speech was designed "to put a little pressure on the the NAFTA talks".