Apple announces iOS 11.3

Saturday, 27 Jan, 2018

The new public beta follows two days after the release of tvOS 11.2.5 for all customers.

Apple on Wednesday unveiled new features that will become available when iOS 11.3 is released this spring.

We've also got some good news for the people that thought animojis were the best new feature of iPhone X: iOS 11.3 update brings four new animojis to iPhone X. New characters include a skull, a bear, a dragon, and a lion.

The new Business Chat app comes with support from select businesses, including Discover, Hilton, Lowe's, and Wells Fargo. Again, it will be interesting to see the exact wording that Apple will use on this screen to make it clear to users why they shouldn't turn off Performance Management.

Apple said that "there is no publicly available infrastructure to support iOS diagnostic analysis", according to the documents. Apple said it introduced the feature to prevent older devices from shutting down unexpectedly, but its quiet rollout - and the inability of users to opt out - led to widespread criticism as well as at least 15 class action lawsuits.

To download the newest version of iOS in beta form, first you'll need to head over to the Apple Public Beta Software program page.

Business Chat lets users communicate directly with businesses within the Messages app. This will be possible as it will now be able to recognize vertical surfaces like walls, as well as more accurately map non-rectangular surfaces like round tables.

As pointed out by developer Guilherme Rambo, "modern iPhone meant iPhone X" in previous Apple firmware.

Apple recently launched its Health Records app to provide users with a comprehensive view of patient-centered EHRs on iOS devices. The sensitive data will be encrypted and protected with iPhone passwords. The update will also add Advanced Mobile Location to automatically send a user's location to emergency services. We don't see any indication of AML being discussed for use in the United States, but if it's that much better than existing systems, perhaps Apple and Google can work to lobby USA cell carriers to support it. Instead it will open as soon as they look at the display and it is definitely more intuitive considering its overall size.

Geisinger Health System - Danville, Pa.

The News app will also be improved with Top Stores. If that hasn't changed, Apple would be asking you to pay for functionality that should just work in the first place!

The level of detail included in the announcement for iOS 11.3 is noteworthy in itself.