How Does Apple HomePod Sounds Like?

Saturday, 27 Jan, 2018

So your device processes all the audio it hears and deletes the running buffer of audio after few seconds.

Those who have had the chance to test the new Apple HomePod say that the gadget sounds fantastic.

During our demo we were played a range of tracks across genres - from Ariana Grande and Ed Sheeran to Gregory Porter, the musical Hamilton and Disney's Frozen.

The device itself measures 7in tall, and Apple has defended its bin-like design by talking up its "seamless 3D mesh fabric" as having acoustic properties. "We think they will be blown away by the audio quality", according to Philip Schiller, Apple's Senior Vice President of Worldwide Marketing.

"Fortunately, HomePod also delivers where it counts: The sound". E Source observed that the original Google Home speaker used around 2W while idle and 3W while playing at high volume, while the initial Amazon Echo used 2.8W at idle and 7W at high volume.

During the demo, HomePod was also shown off against some of its smart speaker rivals - including the Sonos One, Amazon Echo and the Harman Kardon Allure.

Now that the HomePod is almost here, Apple is dribbling out details of what its first smart speaker will do. including, apparently, that it's a power miser. The environmental report includes a chart with a complete breakdown of the HomePod's power consumption based on different line voltages. Knowing Apple, there will be many upgrades yet to come.

This may be controversial to the Siri stans out there, but compared to Google Assistant and Alexa, Siri has difficulty contextualizing more nuanced questions and requests. But the device was delayed until early 2018, past the time for avid shopping and gift giving. This process connects HomePod to your home WiFi network as well as capturing your Apple ID and Apple Music account so users can then dive straight into their usual listening habits.

The microphones in the HomePod measure the room to figure out the best way to play sound for an immersive experience that is tuned specifically to your home.

HomePod is also created to act as a smart home hub, controlling smart devices and connected appliances compatible with Apple's HomeKit home automation platform. Apple's HomePod retails at $349USD which is a pretty hefty price for a Bluetooth speaker, even with the Apple A8 chip and extra tech features.

It's also the only smart speaker that features compatibility with Apple Music which is sure to make it hugely popular with the millions of subscribers to this service. But, is the smart speaker too expensive considering Amazon and Google have already saturated the market?