Billionaire casino owner and collector Steve Wynn accused of pervasive sexual misconduct

Monday, 29 Jan, 2018

Wynn has straddled both those worlds, as a prominent figure in the casino resort business who was named finance chairman of the US Republican National Committee a year ago. Wynn, who is now building a $2.4 billion casino in MA, will soon have to face the state's gaming commission, which says it will be conducting a regulatory review to determine the next appropriate steps.

Dozens of past and present employees of Las Vegas casino mogul Steve Wynn have recounted a decades-long pattern of sexual misconduct by the billionaire who immediately denied the accusations as "preposterous", the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) reported yesterday. According to the Journal, she told Wynn she didn't want to have sex, but ultimately, he convinced her to do so against her will. Wynn Resorts pointed to its sexual harassment training and anonymous hotline, which, the company said, had not received a single complaint about Wynn. He has also contributed thousands of dollars to the campaigns of Sen. Jeff Flake and Nevada Sen.

Edwin Stone, who directs the institute, said Wynn's gift - which was the sixth largest in UI history at the time - has "allowed us to increase our efforts on gene therapy and stem cells grown from a patient's skin cells", among other things. Greg Gianforte of Montana and Karen Handel of Georgia.

¹Needless to say, Wynn denies everything. According to the outlet's report, a number of women were subjected to unwanted sexual advances from Mr. Wynn, and were even pressured into performing sex acts with their boss.

Whether Wynn admits or apologizes for any wrongdoing, some expect that he'll face no real consequences for the allegations, at least from the Republican Party. "We will continue to march side by side with women all across this country because we believe that women must be empowered and respected".

It's unclear whether the RNC will force Wynn to step down, or what the RNC will do with the money Wynn helped raise.

The Indiana Democratic Party called on Rep. Luke Messer, one of the Republicans running against Democratic Sen.

"Steve Wynn needs to go", Chaudhary said in a statement. Andrea Wynn contributed an identical amount.

A spokesperson for Massachusetts' Republican Governor Charlie Baker told media that the official was "deeply disturbed" by the allegations and that he expected they were taken seriously.

Weinstein himself was a major supporter of Democrats.

"The Weinstein scandal put Hollywood's hypocrisy in broad daylight". For weeks the RNC blasted and attacked the DNC.