EU27 meet in Brussels to instruct Michel Barnier on transitional deal

Tuesday, 30 Jan, 2018

Britain is due to leave the European Union in March 2019 and Theresa May's government has called for a Brexit transition period lasting "around two years" after that, with reports suggesting ministers are privately prepared to extend it to close to three years.

"The last quarter of the year is about where we're aiming at". "All that will be provided for in the withdrawal agreement that we reach with the European Union, which will have the status of a new global treaty".

But many people think the two years will not be long enough to thrash out a trade deal.

He dismissed reports that the pushing to extend the length of the transition period to three years, from its current proposal of "around two years".

Nuclear plants supply around 20 percent of Britain's electricity and the government hopes a new fleet of plants, starting with EDF's EDF.PA Hinkley Point C, will be built to help replace ageing coal and nuclear plants set to close in the 2020s.

"The existing regulatory structure will exist, the existing court structure will exist", Davis told a British parliamentary committee.

The EU took just two minutes to agree the new guidelines for Brexit negotiations earlier today - which would mean a "status quo transition without institutional representation lasting from Brexit date to 31 Dec 2020". Secondly, ministers are ready to update the directives according to the progress.

The pointed announcement that the discussion only took two minutes appears created to show the EU's unity - compared to that of the British government, which has faced criticism from its own backbenchers over plans for the transition period and which has yet to agree what sort of trade deal it wants.

Clark told BBC Radio 4's Today programme: 'I think it's very important that as we leave the European Union - which is absolutely, unambiguously the case that we are - that businesses have been very clear all across the country, large businesses and small businesses as well, that we need to take the time to be able to adjust to the new regime. We expect Britain to ask for that.

"Failure to replace (Euratom's) provisions by the point of withdrawal could result in the United Kingdom being unable to import nuclear materials, bringing the UK's civil nuclear industry to a halt", the report said.

One difference aired in recent days as May tries to hold rival wings of her party together has been a suggestion by Brexit Secretary David Davis that Britain should have a way to "resolve concerns" it had on new European Union laws passed once it has no vote.

"They would like to have continuity in their trade".

"We will then have a strictly time-limited implementation period, which will be as short as is practicable - we now expect that to be in the region of two years". A Whitehall source added: 'As far as we know, nothing has been agreed about the President meeting the Queen'. "I'm against "Brino" (Brexit in name only)".

This is in stark contrast to the stance of Obama and his would-be successor Hilary Clinton, who both threatened that Britain would be sent to "the back of the queue" for a trade deal with the US if it left the bloc - threats which backfired, causing a Brexit bounce in the polls.

One told the Financial Times that Britain's demands could "derail the whole thing" and was "dangerous". I really want them to be happy.