Lakers Weren't Interested In Trading For Blake Griffin

Wednesday, 31 Jan, 2018

Griffin comes into Detroit (and its new arena) in the first year of his 5-year, $172 million mega-deal. According to ESPN sources, the protections on Detroit's 2018 first-round pick include spots 1-4 in 2018, 2019 and 2020, while being unprotected in 2021.

Griffin's career has been marred by injuries.

By dealing Griffin, the five-time All-Star averaging 22.6 points this season, the Clippers have set the wheels in motion for a rebuild, after trading their other star, Chris Paul, to the Houston Rockets in the off-season.

Here's a look at the projected Clippers starting lineup and depth chart after the trade. Back in the offseason, the Boston Celtics sent the 27-year-old for to Detroit for forward Marcus Morris and didn't even spend half the season with the Pistons and is now on his way to Los Angeles.

Just past year the list was short, as it was only LeBron James, Carmelo Anthony, and Dirk Nowitzki (who later dropped the clause after re-working a team-friendly deal to stay with the team).

The Clippers' front office have until 8th Feb to make appropriate changes to the roster to find themselves in the best possible position to pitch for LeBron. The Clippers are now 9th in the Western Conference. Now, with quite a few years left on his deal, he's moving to a city that has a huge PR problem, not to mention is cold a lot of time, especially compared to the Southern California coast.

However, as of last night, a blockbuster trade was made sending Griffen straight to the Detroit Pistons.

The Free Press reported Monday the Pistons have been assessing the value of guard Bradley, who's in the final year of a four-year, $32 million (U.S.) deal.

Not only that, the Clippers get a high draft pick from the Nets.

The next question is what the Clippers decide to do with Jordan and Lou Williams.

Hence, the Clippers are practically screwed after this season unless their draft pick is a top three pick and they can draft the new face of the franchise.