LeBron James' Warriors interest comes with Cavs at rock bottom

Monday, 05 Feb, 2018

LeBron says the report by ESPN's Chris Haynes is "nonsense".

LeBron James made it clear Friday that he has no interest in signing with the Warriors this summer.

The rest of the National Basketball Association will have to hope the Golden State Warriors somehow miss reading ESPN's latest piece on the future of LeBron James.

"There've been so many stories about me in the last few months and the last few days about where I'm going and where I'm at", James said on February 2 after the Cavaliers finished practice in Independence, "If you don't hear something come from my voice, then it's not true".

There is a chance that the Golden State Warriors could become an even larger juggernaut this summer.

"In this league, just like a few years ago with me coming here, nobody would have thought that", Durant said.

James might not even become a free agent this summer.

This week saw a report that damn near shattered the internet when it stated that LeBron was considering listening and possibly signing with the Golden State Warriors in the offseason.

The Warriors are already cash strapped and would have to trade away a number of key pieces just to make James fit in their financial structure. If that team came together, the Spurs would face some hard decisions. Given how the Warriors are an undeniable super team, adding the arguably best player of this generation to this super team would shake things up. The sentiment that he checked out may also be a discredit to the Spurs, who were clearly the superior team that year - they won the series in five games, at least three of which were blowouts.

So how the hell, politely, would they find the cap space to accommodate the NBA's preeminent superstar?

Obviously, that's a bit of a stretch considering the fact that LeBron James is entitled to his own agency as was Kevin Durant when he chose to leave Oklahoma City - and we have to respect that. Could James come to San Antonio?