Many iPhone X users unable to accept calls

Tuesday, 06 Feb, 2018

The bug is another embarrassment for Apple, which has justified the iPhone X's £1,000/$1,000 price tag with futuristic features such as facial recognition, an advanced camera setup, and a high-end OLED display.

The tenth anniversary edition smartphone by Apple, the iPhone X, drew eyeballs at the time of it launch for touching the $1000 mark.

The iPhone X 256 GB version, for example, is now priced just over 109,000 rupees equal to $1,700, which is a $50 increase.

Last week, as part of the annual Union Budget revision, the Indian government had announced that it is raising custom duties on imported phones.

"This measure will promote creation of more jobs in the country". The prices of iPhone X, iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus will go up.

The mobile handset that was launched just three months ago and one of the latest offerings from the much coveted brand, costs Dollars 1,000 in the USA and in India the cost as steep as about Rs 88,000.

If you were planning to buy Apple iPhone or Apple Watch in India anytime soon, we have a bad news for you. The iPhone 8 with 64GB storage will now start at Rs 67,940 in India up from the Rs 66,120 price it had in December 2017. The prices of iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s have also increased significantly. iPhone 6 will now be priced at Rs 31,900 while iPhone 6s will cost Rs 42,900.

The majority of iPhones will sustain a surge of roughly Rs 2,000 or 3% depending on their current price. The 32GB variant of the iPhone SE costs Rs. 26,000 while the 128GB variant is still available for Rs 35,000. Apple Watch Series 3 Global Positioning System 38mm now costs Rs 32,380 whereas Apple Watch Series 3 Global Positioning System 42mm is now priced at Rs 34,410, a jump of over 8 percent.

Apple claims that the latest iPhone model is the best-selling iPhone in the company's history. Apple's revised prices might be implemented shortly on these portals, which is why you should book one immediately before the revised prices come into effect within a few hours. The company also updated the prices on its official website.