The first look at Tom Hardy's Venom is here

Friday, 09 Feb, 2018

Sony Pictures Entertainment dropped the first teaser trailer for Venom today, and it's more notable for what it doesn't show than for what it does. So, who is Hardy playing? The movie comes from director Ruben Fleischer and stars Tom Hardy as the title character. Between being publicly disgraced and his wife leaving him, Eddie falls into a deep, dark hole.

But there is no glimpse of the Spider-Man villain. The empathic parasite latched onto Eddie's emotional trauma in order to feed off of the darkness inside him. Sony considers Venom to be part of the same universe as Spider-Man: Homecoming, and though Marvel has sent the opposite message in the past, it seems ridiculous to think that Venom and Spider-Man would never cross paths.

Venom is a Marvel Comics character, but this is not a Marvel movie. Given how the story is based on the "Lethal Protector" storyline, however, comic book faithfuls wondered whether Venom would be a more action-oriented film.

None of this is to say, though, that Venom couldn't make reference to Spidey.

It's too bad he's not really in the trailer. Then there's a shot of Riz Ahmed, hovering over a canister of the symbiote. Several white lab-coated doctors look on in awe. The accident may also refer to what appears to be the crash of an alien spaceship, which is presumably how the symbiote (or symbiotes) get to Earth. It's easy to forget that Brock was a failed Daily Globe reporter, and that the reason he looks like the Rock is because he took up bodybuilding to quell his depression. We do get our first view of the symbiote, though, not on Hardy. Though we don't see Venom, we do see the beginnings of Brock turning into Venom at the very end of the teaser trailer. Notably absent in the trailer is the Venom symbiote itself, though there are plenty of other Easter eggs and moments of note in the minute-long video. In the first trailer, we meet Hardy's Eddie Brock, as of yet untouched by the venom parasite.

"I get some people are not quite impressed with the #Venom trailer but its a teaser and the film is still deep in post production work", said one fan.