Swiss curlers stun with flawless score to beat US

Sunday, 11 Feb, 2018

Though the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics will officially open on Friday, the games have already begun.

The Hamiltons then came back to the ice for a North American showdown against Canada, losing 6-4 while many in the crowd were focused two sheets over, where South Korea dropped a close game to China 8-7. "At this club, we have strangers coming in all the time to learn about the game and we try to make them feel welcome". Unfortunately, the USA team lost to the Canadian team in the second match 6-4.

And in this match between representatives of rival nations, there were no signs of awkwardness out on the sheet - other than an incident midway through, when Matt Hamilton got tangled up with his counterpart, Alexander Krushelnitskiy.

"A 10- or 15-minute bus ride turning into an hour". "We had a really good team practice yesterday and got the rocks dialed in".

Then on Friday, they started looking like a true gold medal contender.

"You look at the stats, we're right up there with the other teams - even better sometimes". The Mixed doubles matches are now over, but both Hamiltons will compete in the single-sex tournaments. Really happy being out on the ice and it paid off for us'.

Norway handed Switzerland its first loss during the afternoon session, beating them 6-5. Yet the point stands: Even as things felt out of sorts, the USA team still managed to come within one end of a 2-0 start to round-robin play.

"I think we had a strong game overall", Morris said. Their 9-4 loss to Switzerland on Friday came as a result of the Swiss posting the equivalent of a ideal game in baseball.

"They've changed the process and with the new process you pretty much need a masters degree in calculus to figure out some of these totals", Morris said.

Gold medal favorites for the 2018 Winter Olympics in PyeongChang include Canada, Great Britain, Switzerland and Sweden.

"For our performance it's best if we don't march". "We know we're in for a tough one tonight". "We're kind of paving the way for all our teams", she said. "Walking in the opening ceremony would be incredible but at the end of the day, you're standing on your feet for a long time so I don't think it's conducive to performance, especially having a game so early in the morning (Saturday)".

They're not only winning, they're blowing teams out, forcing their opponents to concede early in their last four games in a row - three times after just six ends.

It might be a stretch to blame a faulty fifth end on delayed transportation.

Canada's coach Jeff Stoughton spoke highly of the performance of his team, especially of Vancouver Olympic champion Morris.

The two were each 11-0 in Olympic curling play before Thursday's loss.