Kim Cattrall slams "cruel" Sarah Jessica Parker after her brother's death

Thursday, 15 Feb, 2018

"I can't begin to know how her family's managing such a loss".

And after sending her condolences to Cattrall, Parker explained why she made a decision to do so. Kim also included a link to a New York Post article that claimed there had been tension between her and Sarah during the filming of the "Sex and the City" movies.

The interview came after it was announced there would be no Sex and the City 3, with fingers being pointed at Cattrall for pulling the plug.

Cattrall also thanked Nixon personally for calling her, saying: "Cynthia, hearing your voice meant so much to me". It's sad, but I always think that what ties us together was this singular experience. She follows Kim on Instagram.

Kim Cattrall confirmed on February 4 that her brother Christopher Cattrall has been discovered dead in Canada.

But according to Shannon, the Parker she knows is nothing like the one Cattrall describes. "So, I just feel lucky that I get to work with her". What was she supposed to do? Say something bad? I mean, I don't understand.

Cohen is one of Sarah Jessica Parker's closest friends.

"I'm disappointed", Parker said when the project finally died last fall.

Wendy then ranked her favorite SATC characters, where she said, "I'm a Charlotte and a Miranda; I've never been a Samantha, and I'm definitely not a Carrie, she's dumb". "There's only one person fighting here", he continued.

"For me, Sarah is just so supportive and so wonderful and we just get along so well", she said during New York Fashion Week.

Have you ever wondered why there was never a third Sex and the City movie? "And now, now at this very moment it's quite extraordinary to get any kind of negative press about something that I've been saying for nearly a year of "no" that I'm demanding or a diva", Kim told Piers Morgan.

Kim responded on Instagram that she wished for Sarah Jessica to leave her alone and that the two were not friends.

Wendy then went on to tell her audience who are her favorite as well as her less liked characters on the show.

As a young girl she took ballet and singing lessons and her family moved to NY to help her career where she appeared on the Broadway revival of The Innocents.