Black Panther: Marvel Studios Wants Ryan Coogler Back For Sequel

Friday, 16 Feb, 2018

Presumably, the idea was to ensure it received the widest audience possible.

Spending what presumably will be an extended amount of time with T'Challa as he governs an African nation feels revolutionary for a Marvel Studios film.

Black Panther also predates another black Marvel Hero: Blade, the half-human, half-vampire vampire hunter who first appeared in 1973 in The Tomb of Dracula and later came to life in the 1998 film starring Wesley Snipes. Feige's response? "Great. Let's get going". "Watching the film, I hope they have an exciting time, I hope they can get emotionally involved and engaged".

Mobbed wherever he goes by selfie-seeking fans, the 41-year-old Boseman has experienced the excitement firsthand. He was very encouraging. And he had the one singular black man defeat the most powerful crew - the Fantastic Four. It's a nod to how stories of home have been passed down, generation after generation orally within the African diaspora, making Africans storytellers since birth. We're telling a story that most of the world is going to see. Its powerful myth-making not just for its obvious timeliness but for the film's honest grappling with heritage and destiny. "I think it will give me motivation, every time I'm down, I'll think about 'Black Panther'". One person wrote, "I want Michael B Jordan & Lupita to become an actual thing, not just on red carpet appearances". I loved toys, action figures, video games.

Boseman: I'm not in front of the camera all the time so you don't get to see the moments where I'm like, "Oh my God!" I know that I, as a white person, can not truly imagine what it must be like to be a black person looking at Black Panther and feeling the pride and possibility that it represents... but I think I feel some of that.

"Black Panther" should be a much-needed shot in the arm for domestic theaters, which saw attendance fall to a 25-year low in 2017. While Boseman does a good job in the role, he feels like the least interesting characters in his own movie.

"I'm expecting Afrocentric perfection", Brandon Gilliam said with certainty just before he got settled into his seat and waited for the first sneak preview screening of Marvel Studio's "Black Panther" to begin. In reality, it is technically advanced and incredibly wealthy, thanks in part to a bounty of a super metal known as vibranium. At the heart of the film is a question about how it should use its power.

The only thing that did not make it into Black Panther was an appearance by Thor. Michael B. Jordan plays Erik Killmonger, a man as risky as he is charismatic.

AP: How do you plan to spend opening weekend?

"This movie is about a guy overcoming the odds, who happens to be black".

The film, directed by Ryan Coogler (Creed & Fruitvale Station), is the latest instalment in the Marvel cinematic universe. "You see the power and the potential of where you're from, but you see how skewed it's viewed by the world and how misrepresented it is and how distorted it is perceived by the world". And. found a way to maintain that, what kind of conflict would that bring about?

There have been a lot of discussion around "superhero fatigue" in recent years, and many are getting exhausted of the old Marvel formula. "My dad taught at Melrose High School and Trezvant".

"The intonations and melodies inside an African accent are just as classical as a British one or a European one", he says. We have those types of characters ourselves. Filmgoing by African-Americans has been a bright spot, with the number of frequent moviegoers rising from 2015 to 2016, according to Motion Picture Association of America data.

'Black Panther" means "anything is possible " Thanks to a GoFundMe campaign, kids at the Boys & Girls Club of Harlem prepare to see "Black Panther'. Tell us what was it like to be on set with such a talented set of actors.

It's easy to lament how long it took to bring "Black Panther" to the big screen.