Adam Rippon to Serve as NBC Correspondent After 2018 Olympics Debut

Monday, 19 Feb, 2018

He then lived up to expectations in his Olympic debut, producing a near flawless routine in the free skate of the team event. Earlier this month, Rippon raised concerns about Vice President Mike Pence being chosen to lead the USA delegation to the Olympic opening ceremony because of his support of anti-gay legislation.

It's freaking exhausting that gay athletes have to answer these sorts of questions, when they spend years upon years training and perfecting the sport that they are participating in. "Lots of hard work, but usually done with better eyebrows".

And an elated Rippon reciprocated Saturday "I could feel you on the ice with me". Rippon turned down a meeting with Pence, according to a USA Today report, and has said he will not visit the White House for a celebration. Instead, the skater says that he would rather do something to "help my community".

16, 2018, writer and director Sam Greisman took to Twitter with a screenshot of a text message exchange he had with his mom, Sally Field - in which she encouraged him to make a move on his crush, popular Olympic figure skater Adam Rippon.

Rippon was mentioning Pence's support of "gay conversion therapy" earlier in his political career.

While there's some dispute over the reasoning, Rippon then declined to meet with Pence when the VP offered to sit down and discuss the issue.

Even before performing at the Olympics Rippon was at the center of a big story regarding Vice-President Mike Pence, who attempted to claim that he was rooting for Rippon and every other Olympian taking part this year. "I don't want to do that so I had to declined the opportunity", he revealed.