Recognizing early flu symptoms in kids is vital — CDC

Tuesday, 20 Feb, 2018

This year's vaccine is about 25 percent effective against the predominant H3N2 strain of flu that is causing most illnesses and deaths, and 36 percent effective against all circulating flu strains, the New York Times reported. The agency color-codes the severity of the outbreak using a legend of bright green for states with minimal flu activity, rising to deep red for those inundated by the virus.

Yet, only one in three adults and one in four children in Canada gets the flu vaccine.

The new vaccines, Fluad and Fluzone High Dose, are specifically targeted at strains that were prevalent past year.

The Louisiana Department of Health announced that they are officially extending its free flu shots, and they will be available while supplies last.

Instead, the vaccine may falter over a phenomenon called the 'original antigenic sin'.

Recognize symptoms of the flu, including fatigue, body aches, chills, coughing and a sore throat. These antibodies target unique sites on the virus, and latch onto them to disable it. "You don't want to get sick". The most common side effects of the flu vaccine are mild and characterized by a localized reaction consisting of pain, swelling and a bump under the skin.

This story may be complicated by an additional factor, which is that the vaccine could be inducing a weak immune response in many who receive it. Thus, for egg-based vaccines, the lower-than-desirable efficacy being observed is not likely related to the process of adapting the virus to grow well in eggs. If you think you have the flu, contact your healthcare provider or Student Health Services and try to stay away from others as much as possible to prevent spreading the infection.

And just because someone has the flu already doesn't mean they're immune, she said. "The ferrets, which hadn't seen influenza before, learned to tell the difference between closely related strains-like telling the difference between a Honda Civic and a Toyota Camry".

That's not to say egg adaptations don't always matter.

But this flu season has been a particularly scary one for parents.

We're not sure how much longer the flu season will last, however, it can be hard to predict. By the end of last week, 185 Californians under age 65 had died from flu in the state.

There is an alternative, however. Vaccination should take place annually as flu strains evolve and change.

The machines have been finding their way into more and more clinics like this and may well be helping to save lives.

He said that the Turnbull Government and Chief Medical Officer Professor Brendan Murphy have worked to bring the new vaccines-Fluad and Fluzone High Dose-to Australia for the first time. The FDA is also responsible for ensuring that released lots of influenza vaccines meet appropriate standards. "If we can cut that down by a third-or if that's me and I can reduce my risk by a third-that's a good bet", he said.