Florida high school shooting: Shame on you - Students tell Trumps

Thursday, 22 Feb, 2018

The agency was called to investigate. He thought Cruz was there to pick up a younger sibling. They add further depth to the emerging portrait of Cruz as an unstable teen who had always been on the radar of law enforcement, behavioral specialists, teachers and fellow students.

An orphaned 19-year-old who participated in paramilitary drills with a white nationalist group was charged with murder Thursday in the deaths of 17 people who were fatally shot at a huge Florida high school in the nation's deadliest school attack in five years.

As more details emerged on the suspect, CNN reported that Cruz posted disparaging comments about Jews, African Americans and gays in a private chat group on the social media network Instagram.

Then her voice raised to a shout as she said "You need to help us, now".

Around Thanksgiving, Nikolas Cruz moved in with a friend's family. Roger Cruz died in 2004, and Lynda died in November.

According to a court document made public yesterday, Cruz admitted to police after being arrested and advised of his right to avoid self-incrimination that he had committed the attack.

"Seventeen innocent people are dead and acknowledging a mistake isn't going to cut it", Scott said. That enraged her teen, who "retaliated and threw a chair, dog bowl and a drinking glass across the room".

Kimberly said she saw Cruz at the police station following the shooting and felt enraged.

Cruz was cuffed and seated in the back of a police vehicle as the police interviewed his mother, CNN reported.

"The comment simply said, 'I'm going to be a professional school shooter, '" said Federal Bureau of Investigation agent in charge, Robert Lasky.

In more evidence that there had been signs of trouble with the suspect, Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel said at a Friday news conference that his office had received more than 20 calls about Nikolas Cruz in the past few years.

Cruz was getting treatment at a mental health clinic for a while but hadn't been there for more than a year, Broward County Mayor Beam Furr told CNN. He had lashed out at his mother over a disagreement about the paperwork he needed to get a Florida State identification card.

Jonathan Guimaraes, 17, told the Herald that he had been in JROTC with Cruz. "It is unknown what he is buying the gun for". The footage is reportedly from September 2016, according to Law & Crime. He now faces one count of sending a written threat to kill, which is a felony.

"Based on the information at this time, this individual had no involvement with Florida's child welfare system, including foster care", Jessica Sims, a spokeswoman for the Department of Children and Families, said in a statement.

At least one pupil said classmates joked that Cruz would "be the one to shoot up the school". He described one incident in which he said Cruz "cornered a squirrel and was trying to throw rocks at it and kill it".

Cruz is a former student of the high school, who was expelled for unspecified disciplinary reasons.

The Sneads allowed Cruz to bring his firearms into the home, but they made him buy a locking gun safe, they told the Sun Sentinel.

"The Morrisons here sold a lawful weapon to someone who was mentally ill". Someone who was not held accountable for their actions when they were expelled from school.

In a Friday morning tweet, Trump said "I will be leaving for Florida today to meet with some of the bravest people on earth - but people whose lives have been totally shattered". "Not later, now. And don't you dare let them say it's too soon to be talking about it".

"This kid exhibited every single known red flag, from killing animals to having a cache of weapons to disruptive behavior to saying he wanted to be a school shooter", the county's public defender, Howard Finkelstein, told the New York Times.