Marvel president "absolutely" wants to see a Black Panther sequel

Thursday, 22 Feb, 2018

After his arrival, a new and powerful enemy appears, putting T'Challa's strength as a king and Black Panther to the test.

Since the release of the film, renewed calls from attorneys, families and civil rights leaders have demanded for the release of more than a dozen incarcerated members of the Black Panther Party, The Guardian reported. The album's opening week reflected the tracking week ending February 15.

The latest Marvel movie has made $24.8 million since it opened last Tuesday (13Feb18), including $14.7 million over the weekend - the highest ever United Kingdom three-day opening figure in February. - Tell us your thoughts about the film in the comments!

And now, after thousands of hilariously loving tweets about the movie, director Ryan Coogler has written a thank you note and let's just say you'll need a box of tissues. While initial forecasts placed Black Panther at the top of the box office, the reality surpassed every prediction made as those forecasts updated throughout the weekend.

A few days ago, the new Marvel movie, Black Panther, opened in theaters, and nearly immediately, stories began popping up of white people being assaulted in movie theaters by black people when they tried to go see Black Panther.

"It's a testament to an extraordinarily made film", Hollis said.

People across the country - and world - have been raving about how great the movie is.

In an effort to make this moment extra special for the kids, Prather dressed up as Black Panther. Now Black Panther has just beat that with an opening of over $242 million.

According to comScore, 37 percent of ticket buyers were African American. Not to mention, the film has completely shattered numerous records. And does Feige want Coogler helming a second movie?

Once Black Panther's reign has come to an end, Marvel Studios will begin directing our attention toward Avengers: Infinity War, the ensemble movie set to flip the MCU on its head.

One person who he might not choose to thank, however, is a movie goer who went against the grain and said something less than positive about the movie. "People had to be there".