Indicted Missouri Governor Resists Pressure to Resign

Saturday, 24 Feb, 2018

The organization said Greitens should step down immediately because Missouri deserves a governor who can focus full time on issues affecting the state.

"Kim Gardner has received more than $200,000 from George Soros groups", said Sam Cooper Executive Director of the Missouri Republican Party. "We have a progressive anti-law enforcement Democrat wanting to single-handedly oust a law-and-order governor", said Cooper.

Greitens allegedly threatened to blackmail the woman by releasing the image of her, taken while she was blindfolded with her hands bound, according to a conversation recorded by her ex-husband also without her consent. The woman's ex-husband alleged that the affair happened in March 2015, and that Greitens took a picture of the woman he meant to use as blackmail.

We commend St. Louis Circuit Attorney for opening an investigation into Governor Eric Greitens stemming from allegations that he blackmailed a woman using a photograph he took of her without her consent in an effort to stop her from reporting their extramarital affair in 2015.

The prosecutors' office must respond to the motion to dismiss. He was released on bond shortly thereafter and will appear in St. Louis City Circuit Court on March 16.

Susan Ryan, the prosecutor's spokeswoman, says Greitens' legal team requested a "secret" meeting involving only attorneys to share what they called the "human" side of Greitens' story.

The House has the power to initiate impeachment proceedings against a governor. "As it is still early in the process, I am unable to state what the results of the House investigation will be". However, Greitens maintains that there has been no crime, just a lapse in judgment in his personal life.

In an audio recording between the ex-husband and his wife at the time, the wife reportedly said that her sexual encounter with Greitens was consensual and that Greitens later apologized and told her he had deleted the compromising photo.

He did, however, today step down from a leadership role in the Republican Governors Association. Jamilah Nasheed of St. Louis said.

That resolution is then referred to a committee, which will investigate and decide whether to bring articles of impeachment to the full House. If five of those judges concur that the governor is guilty, the governor would be removed from office and the lieutenant governor would become governor for the remainder of the term, which runs until January 2021.

National Republicans gave little indication that they were taking a stand on Mr. Greitens's case.

Missouri has been on a tort reform hot streak over the past year.

"I think that's a real concern", said Ms. Conway, the legislator.

Republican Lt. Gov. Mike Parson, a former senator and county sheriff from Bolivar, has not publicly commented on the scandal. "We have a Senate seat that's up that's a very important seat to the party nationally".

"In forty years of public and private practice, I have never seen anything like this", he said. Greitens won the governor's race with 51 percent of the vote. "It's best to let the system take its course".

Gardner's office would not elaborate, refusing to name the third witness or explain how they were involved. Walker, the Republican lawmaker.

He says the party looks forward to an investigation being done by a bipartisan committee of lawmakers. "And if you get a felony indictment against you, that's pretty serious".