Flu Season Has Peaked — CDC

Saturday, 03 Mar, 2018

North Carolina health officials say the 18 new flu deaths were reported between February 18 and February 24.

"Older adults, individuals with chronic health conditions, pregnant women, young children and infants are more vulnerable to flu illness", said Dr. Christopher Perkins, DCHHS health authority/medical director.

Health officials say more than 6,300 flu cases were reported across the state.

Overall, patients with heart failure vaccinated against influenza had a 48% lower risk of death during influenza season and a 21% lower risk outside flu season, report investigators. That's down from 340 the week prior.

CEDAR HILL-The latest death in the ongoing flu epidemic in Dallas County is a 92-year-old Cedar Hill resident.

Now we're dealing with it yet again, and the CDC is predicting that the numbers will be around the same, if not higher this year.

Health scams-such as fraudulent flu drugs-can result in wasted money, delays in diagnosis and treatment, and may lead to serious injury or death, according to the release.

Flu-related deaths are typically associated with complications caused by the virus. You should expect to see flu cases, but fewer cases each week.

Flu vaccines can be obtained from health care providers, pharmacies, and your local health department.

Each year, officials with the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention try to determine the viruses that should be included in the vaccine, but it is not foolproof. The WHO committee discussed which H3N2 strains might be less likely to change.

Perhaps next year we should just put Tamiflu in the water.

Next year's Northern Hemisphere flu shot will contain a different strain of H3N2. "That's assuming nothing changes between now and next winter". I know I do, so I generally don't get the flu shot anymore due to the fact that I normally get sick after getting the shot.

Experts have been articulating the need for a better influenza vaccine for some time, but grim surveillance statistics and poor vaccine performance this season have brought wider attention to the issue. "Rather than being sick for a week, they are only sick for 24 hours", he said.