Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus takes best camera crown from Google Pixel 2

Saturday, 03 Mar, 2018

Samsung is expected to launch the Galaxy J8 smartphone soon and it has been leaked via a benchmarking website.

Sprint's plans are good but if you are planning to exchange your old phone, you should consider waiting for a couple of days until other major service providers like AT&T, Verizon announce their own plans. However, the giant is also working side by side for the mid-range and budget-friendly smartphones as well.

"The Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus is a smartphone without any real weaknesses in the camera department", DxOMark concludes. However, the new models feature displays that are noticeably brighter than past editions.

If we talk about the specifications, the device is packed with a bunch of useful features of the latest generation. It is powered by a 64-bit Octa-core Exynos 9 9810 Processor with 4GB of RAM.

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Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus takes best camera crown from Google Pixel 2

Samsung resumed its roll-out of Android 8.0 Oreo earlier this month. The device will come with 32GB of Storage Memory as built-in default storage memory on the device. It's (also) possible to manually switch between the two apertures using the phones pro-mode although its not possible to shoot in apertures in between the two. The new Note is rumored to have an all-glass front that does away with bezels entirely, as well as any comical notches that may be needed for sensors and front-facing cameras. The Exynos 7870 is an octa-core SoC with up to 1.6 GHz clock speed and is manufactured on a 14nm process. There is also now a feature called smart view available which makes the screen on the phone go black when it's mirroring to another screen, which should help battery life.

The Galaxy S9+ comes equipped with a dual camera setup on its back. This allows users to capture videos in 720p HD at a whopping 960 frames per second.

In video, the S9+ scored lower at 91, while the Pixel was able to get a 96.