Jennifer Lawrence says Harvey Weinstein is like an 'ass boil'

Sunday, 04 Mar, 2018

This is the fourth collaboration between Francis Lawrence and Jennifer Lawrence and the first that isn't a Hunger Games film.

Actor Jennifer Lawrence has defended her to decision to do nude scenes for Red Sparrow, saying she felt it fit in the narrative of the film. Pulling off her heels and curling up on the chair, Lawrence said, "He is just that awful ass boil that does not go away. you pop the ass boil", as Colbert tossed his shoes aside as well.

Clearly, Lawrence has thought this through and although she wasn't willing to divulge more on Breakup Island she did add, "I really think it's going to happen".

The actress enjoyed the process of working with Edgerton: "I love Joel!" she laughs.

"We have an incredible friendship that started before the movie, then we had a partnership with the movie, and then we had a romance that came from the movie, so when you strip the romance away, we still have huge respect for each other", she said. That's why she finds herself manipulated into becoming the newest recruit for Sparrow School, a secret intelligence service that trains exceptional young people like her to use their bodies and minds as weapons.

Egorova emerges as the most unsafe Sparrow after completing the sadistic training process.

"I'm going to be developing things and talking to kids about, you know, corruption", Lawrence said, and it was Colbert's turn to sit up: "Wait, what?" That we could be as frank as possible. "It's not like a big, dramatic - oh, God, here we go".

Red Sparrow is based on a novel by Jason Matthews, and is different from the serious and mature roles that Lawrence usually chooses to do. It's the kind of throwback to the glory days of tradecraft, double bluffs and triple crosses that Red Sparrow really wants to be but never quite manages. "I feel like, um, yes", she said. "I'm still developing things, I'm not going to be on set".

She said: "What he was did was criminal and deplorable and when it came out and I heard about it, I wanted to kill him. I still feel empowered". "I would like to officially un-invite all my haters to go see 'Red Sparrow'". It just doesn't need 2 hours 20 minutes to tell its story, which means the plot is padded out with unnecessary dialogue.