Five-Time NBA Champion Kobe Bryant Wins Oscar

Tuesday, 06 Mar, 2018

Kobe Bryant can add Oscar-winner to his already lengthy resume.

Many on Twitter felt that awarding Bryant an Oscar was yet another example of Hollywood hypocrisy, proving their #MeToo movement was just lip service in light of the bombshell Harvey Weinstein sexual abuse scandal. Bryant wrote and produced the film which was based on the poem he wrote to announce his retirement from basketball in 2015. He accepted the award with the animator and director Glen Keane. He applauded players still in the game for making drastic steps in upping the sport.

"You know, growing up as a kid, I dreamt of winning championships, and I worked really hard to make that dream come true". The Laker-great won 5 NBA Finals, 4 All-Star MVP awards, 2 NBA Finals MVP awards, and 1 MVP award during his playing days.

It is important to mention the 39-year-old is the first National Basketball Association player ever to win an Oscar.

The line is in reference to journalist Laura Ingraham criticizing LeBron for speaking publicly on politics and social injustice. "Don't think that you want to be a writer - that's cute".

Kobe Bean Bryant may be retired from basketball, but it doesn't mean he's stopped winning. "To be here right now and have like a sense of validation is, dude, this is - this is insane, man".

Dear Basketball received an Oscar nomination in January from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences.

"I feel better than winning championships", he said.

Melissa Silverstein, founder and publisher of Women and Hollywood, which advocates for diversity in film, was repelled by the enthusiastic response to Bryant's win Sunday night. "Whether you're a professional athlete or not, actor or not".

Bryant said on the stage that when he wanted to start writing and tell his stories after retiring from basketball, Bryant said that people's reaction was, "That's cute". In 2003, he was accused of raping a 19-year-old in a hotel room. The young woman decided not to testify just before the trial and the charges were dropped, and she later filed a civil suit that was settled out of court.