Big Update On The Undertaker And Rey Mysterio's Status For WrestleMania

Wednesday, 07 Mar, 2018

WWE fans may have the chance to watch Rey Mysterio battle John Cena at WrestleMania on April 8.

- John Cena opened the show saying he wants in on the WWE Championship Fatal 5-Way match at Fastlane.

He showed up on SmackDown last night and defeat current title holder AJ Styles.

And that a deal is being worked on for Cena to fight fellow ex-world champ Rey Mysterio.

But appetites had been whetted, and the words "Undertaker" and "Wrestlemania" are not usually uttered in the same sentence unless there is something in the pipeline. After helping Styles up, Dolph turned on him before being on the receiving end of a Cena AA. At one point, Styles reversed an STF in the center of the ring, lifting himself into a pinfall. Ziggler then punched Styles, and Cena hit an Attitude Adjustment on Ziggler to close the show.

It does seem that a deal is likely here with just a few details standing in between WWE and Mysterio - namely how often he appears for the company and if he can appear at events that don't fall under the WWE umbrella. Fans saw John Cena mention a challenge to The Undertaker during this past Monday's edition of RAW, and that announcement garnered the biggest pop from a WWE live crowd in quite some time. Shane McMahon entered and said it isn't that easy.

Match was pretty good, and Owens didn't interfere at all.

The New Day and The Usos square off: Working in some of the usual comedy shtick, of course, the No. 1 contenders reminded everyone of the rivalry between them and the SmackDown tag team champions, The Usos. The champs gave an impassioned promo about how they were exhausted of the New Day's challenges, and about how this was their time to finally get on the main WrestleMania card.

The Road to WrestleMania is getting into the groove as we approach the Fastlane pay-per-view! Cena was given a second chance to book a spot on the WrestleMania card when he stepped inside the Elimination Chamber last weekend but that didn't work out either as Roman Reigns picked up the win and will go on to face Brock Lesnar in what has always been predicted to be the WrestleMania 34 main event.

After that was announced, Riott def. With the win, the main event of Fastlane is now a Six-Pack Challenge.

Daniel Bryan "left early" to go be with his wife and kids... a somewhat reasonable request, but doesn't he only work like one day a week?