Democratic early voting surged across Texas in 2018 Primary

Wednesday, 07 Mar, 2018

A Texas-based political analyst isn't sure that GOP primary candidates there will benefit from embracing President Donald Trump in their campaigns. Meanwhile, the number of Republican early ballots cast increased only slightly. Comparable to the 33,125 Republicans who went to the polls early. "So all eyes are on Texas", said Mark Jones, a political science fellow at Rice University's Baker Institute.

And if early voting is any indication, Democrats enthusiasm is translating into votes.

Democrats have repeatedly failed to recruit challengers even in areas where they have a good chance of victory.

"There is a wave of voters building to wash away Trump's control of Congress and it is starting tonight. You have seen it over the country".

But there's one flaw in that profile for Republicans - highly educated voters generally do not like Trump. The lawsuit comes as Texas Democrats are experiencing high voter turnout statewide and are running more candidates in traditionally red districts.

Eight-year term limits for legislators has led to fewer competitive elections. "Most of them tend to favor the Republicans".

Four Republicans are facing off in the primary, but the district is considered safely Democratic.

The Florida Senate has 23 Republicans and 15 Democrats with two seats vacant, one leaning Democratic and one leaning Republican.

"People are more engaged than ever before".

The attack categorized Moser as a Washington insider, and cited an article in which she said she'd rather have her teeth pulled without anesthesia than live in Texas. "And this is only the beginning!"

With the rise of Kennedy and O'Rourke, it is possible to envision a Democratic future in which MA and Texas are united again on a Democratic presidential ticket, which worked out quite well in 1960!

In 2010, during the midterm primaries only 19,197 democratic early voters took part in their civic duties.

Fast forward to 2018 the turnout is lopsided.

While the early voting numbers are revealing, Stein cautions that there are still many other counties whose votes have not been counted. These being young people, the poor, etc.

More Tarrant County voters headed to the polls early this year than in 2014.

Republicans should have no problems in Texas. She adds that she's open to new restrictions on people seeking to purchase firearms.

Democrats would need to win five of 20 Senate seats up this fall to regain a majority.

Without making a prediction, Wilson did however point out a major the new representative will have to face early on.

One of those Bell County races is the District 55 seat where C.J. Grisham and Brandon Hall are running against incumbent Hugh Shine, who won the seat by an extremely narrow margin against Molly White two years ago. "Whether or not we want to raise property taxes".

The time has come, and Texas is officially kicking off the midterm election season by holding the first primary races in the nation on Tuesday. Decisions that we elect them to make.

"You have a Florida House that is not reflective of the state's electorate", Rep. Smith said.

And since 2016, they have been turning out for Democrats.

Today, Texas holds the first 2018 primaries in the first midterms of the Trump presidency - and it appears the "Trump effect" is having some impact on GOP politics in the Lone Star State.