Won't comply with Mueller subpoena: Former Trump campaign aide

Wednesday, 07 Mar, 2018

At one point in the interview, Burnett asked Nunberg about reports that he is "drunk or off [his] meds". "I think that he may have done something during the election", Nunberg told MSNBC.

"I think that he [Trump] may have done something during the election", adding, "I don't know that for sure".

Tur then asked how he knew that. So, if she wants to start attacking me, she can do that, that's fine.

Inside the West Wing, multiple White House officials were watching Sam Nunberg's interviews on Monday about refusing to comply with special counsel Robert Mueller's grand jury subpoena with rapt attention.

He said he didn't believe his public defiance would wind him in any legal trouble, noting that Mueller's team is composed of "very professional people".

Nunberg said repeatedly throughout his day of interviews that he was anxious Mueller was attempting to build a case against Stone, whom he considers a "mentor" and "like a father". "They know something on [Trump] ..." "Perhaps I'm wrong, but he did something".

That's an invitation to investigator Robert Mueller for a grand jury subpoena for all the records Nunberg is refusing to provide.

"Screw that", he told her. Because I'm not going.

Paul Manafort, the president's former campaign chairman, who is facing charges already, including filing false tax returns, conspiracy to launder money and not registering as a foreign agent for lobbying work for the Ukrainian government is also mentioned in the request for files.

Colbert's favorite part? When Nunberg dared Mueller to arrest him.

"If he did that, you know what, it's inexcusable", Nunberg continued.

"I'm pretty sure after Mueller gets through with him, it's gonna be flip".

Nunberg denied drinking and said that he was only on his anti-depressants.

United States intelligence have said those documents were illicitly obtained by or on behalf of the Russian government. "Roger is my mentor".

In an interview with the Washington Post, however, he said he did not believe there was anything to the collusion claims between Trump and Russian Federation.

Mr Mueller has charged several of Mr Trump's associates and more than a dozen Russians.

Nunberg said he had chosen to make his decision known via the media appearances - and did not even tell his lawyer Patrick Brackley beforehand. This would be the second time it meets with Lewandowski after he refused to answer questions about matters that took place once he left the Trump campaign in 2016.

"From our perspective, we are fully co-operating with the office of the special counsel, and we're going to continue to do so", Sanders said Monday. "If you are not going to go we have a place can you stay".

Tapper again tried to end the interview, but Nunberg wasn't finished.