We wish you a Happy Women's Day!

Thursday, 08 Mar, 2018

But keeping this pride, we often forget empowering woman.

"Any understanding that excludes women from all aspects of life - primarily from politics, the economy and education - is a great danger and deficiency for the whole society, not just for our sisters", the statement added. This year's is #PressforProgress, "a nod to the growing global movement of advocacy, activism and support surrounding gender parity and sexism" says the Telegraph.

Citing an example she said there should be more women parliamentarians to represent the voices of women, children and our families at that forum.

But serious obstacles remain if we are to address the historic power imbalances that underpin discrimination and exploitation.

This new initiative is one of many things I'm doing to tackle violence against women and girls.

The history of all times and of today most especially has taught that the women will be forgotten if they also forget to think of themselves. And I met countless women who chose to throw their hat in the ring and run for office themselves, so that they could improve their communities for their families and neighbors.

I am heartened to see the elevation and mainstream attention that the gender agenda has received in recent times, particularly since the onset of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

I recognize that this has not always been the case.

Something has changed since this time a year ago. I am totally committed to zero tolerance of sexual harassment and have set out plans to improve reporting and accountability.

IWD has occurred for well over a century, and has been supported by over a million people in the world.

Part of a global campaign, the event in Tbilisi was a partnership between IFC, a member of the World Bank Group, the Georgian Stock Exchange, UN Women, the Civil Development Agency (CiDA) and the Secretariat of Global Compact Network Georgia.

"While it is important to continue to promote science, engineering and computer science subjects as a route into technology, we should not disregard the skills developed by graduates on non-STEM degrees which can be transferred into digital roles thus opening up the industry to many more women".

All this apart, women will need to stand by #pressforprogress to close down on gender inequality at the earliest and not let obstacles dampen their career prospects.

This theme surely conveys an idea and make a move towards the gender equality among individuals.

Over the a year ago, women have risen to the forefront of activism and have demanded more from our government, our employers, and our communities.

"This signal of potential bias in how women are treated in the workplace is consistent with other research showing that women receive a lower benefit - or even suffer backlash - for demonstrating ambition, confidence, assertiveness and leadership qualities in the workplace", Risse said.

There is the on-going debate about equal pay for equal work. Nearly every business a man works you will find there is a hard-working woman beside him. Cultural norms prevent and limit expectations of what women can do or should do in society.