Trump Stumps For Pennsylvania GOP Candidate - And Himself

Monday, 12 Mar, 2018

Trump says, "We're saving the steel" and that both steel and aluminum are "back", drawing cheers.

Holding court in front of an adoring and energized crowd, Trump went off script.

Last month, Trump showed up at the Conservative Political Action Conference and gave a rambling, unscripted 75-minute address in which he attacked Democrats, mocked Sen.

The rest was pure, unadulterated and unfiltered Trump. Donald Trump set to rally voters on Monday. Instead, one of the top headlines was "Trump Slams NBC's Chuck Todd at Rally: 'Sleepy-Eyed Son of a Bitch'".

For Mr. Trump, now that he has chosen to insert himself into the race, after a string of Republican losses in special elections, it may also be a test of his ability to help win elections.

"The Republicans are 5-0 in recent Congressional races, a point which the Fake News Media continuously fails to mention", Trump wrote on Twitter.

Well, the short answer is that everything is about Trump.

"Steel is back, it's going to be back too", Trump said told the crowd.

"Is there anything more fun than a Trump rally?" he asked on the heels of a whirlwind week in which his chief economics adviser said he was resigning, he formalised steep tariffs on steel and aluminium that angered business leaders and allies, and abruptly announced, through South Korean officials, that he meant to meet with Kim Jong Un, the North Korean leader.

Some Republican operatives working on the campaign have cited that fundraising differential - Lamb has raised $3.9 million through February 21 compared with $918,000 by Saccone - as one of the reasons the Democrat has made this a competitive race.

And the Trump administration is said to be examining policy changes that would allow prosecutors to seek the death penalty, according to The Washington Post.

Saccone accepted the support, telling the enthusiastic audience: "The president's support is key to obtaining victory on March 13, and so is your support". Of course not. Instead Trump shared his views on everyone Trump related.

"When you look at just money raised, volunteer efforts that have been put forth, the Democrats are running the most energized campaign that I've ever seen in this seat in near history", said DeVanney, who worked as a consultant for former Rep. Murphy. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.), again pulling out his "Pocahontas" taunt.

A moderate Democrat who has eschewed talk of social issues, Lamb has outraised Saccone and earned the backing of powerful local unions. "I don't know if this country's ready for it, but I think ... it's a discussion we have to start thinking about". "I do." All that was missing was Trump then yelling out: "Live from NY, it's Saturday Night!"

"Canada is brutal. Canada is really tough", Trump said at a rally for a Republican congressman in Pennsylvania.

While the western Pennsylvania district normally leans Republican, Democrats are confident they can win Tuesday's election, in part because of the controversy surrounding Trump's term in office.

Moore lost the senate special election in the deeply red Alabama, which was a crushing blow for the GOP.

. The state legislator from the 39th district led by six percentage points in a poll conducted two weeks prior. They handed out flyers that cast Lamb, a moderate Democrat who has played down his connection to the national party, as a "rubber stamp for Nancy Pelosi".

TRUMP: Then I get up in the morning.