Notification suggests Android Wear could be renamed 'Wear OS'

Wednesday, 14 Mar, 2018

Are you liking the new logo? Meanwhile, existing Android Wear devices are receiving the Android Oreo-based update, so it's not as if there's much incentive for existing users to upgrade to a new device.

Android Wear might soon drop the first part of its name, thus becoming just "Wear OS" and nothing more.

The lingering question, meanwhile, is why would Google drop the "Android" in the operating system's name and instead go for a more generic branding? A while back, companies were racing to unveil new Android Wear gear. Unlike its previous grey display background, the Android wear 2.8 now features a darker background display. The new name comes with a stylized "W "as the logo, with lines and dots in the Google colors of blue, yellow, red, and green".

Digital Trends has the scoop on the changes that Google appears to be mulling over.

It also looks from the new logo like there will be a keen steer toward Google Assistant as the centerpiece feature. There might be a reason to step away from the Android name. Having said that, the company may want chuck-off the Android tag on a product that isn't strictly bound to Android devices. In the case of Android Wear, you'll be notified that there's a watch nearby that can be paired with your phone.

The most recent update to Android Wear in December 2017 brought a "Touch Lock" function for locking the screen to prevent random taps when using devices underwater, as well as improved power efficiency and compatibility with new languages.

Given the current state of the smartwatch industry, this declaration may be particularly important.

Keep in mind, Google is no stranger to rebrands at the moment.

Google has not confirmed the name change, and therefore has not provided an explanation for the speculated move.

Google has hinted it might be rebranding Android Wear - the operating system (OS) that it designed for smartwatches and other wearables - to simply "Wear OS".