Bangladesh announces one-day mourning for plane crash victims

Thursday, 15 Mar, 2018

The aviation authorities said they had recovered the flight data recorder from the charred wreckage of the plane, which burst into flames after crashing into a football field near Kathmandu airport on Monday, killing 49 people.

A Chinese man was among the 49 people killed in a passenger plane crash of the US-Bangla Airlines in Nepal, the Chinese Embassy said on Tuesday.

In a recording by air traffic monitoring website, the pilot can be heard asking for permission to land the Bombardier Dash 8-Q400 from the north, which is granted by the air traffic controller.

The CAAB chairman said they would try to find out the reason of the crash as soon as possible. "Rashid was also specially trained to make landings at the airport". "It's abnormal." Obviously, it is hard to land at the TIA given its vast terrain, but pilots who fly in Kathmandu are "specially trained". The airport had been shut down and all other flights diverted.

Huggain and Pandey recalled the flight being mostly smooth all the way from Bangladesh's capital, Dhaka, to Kathmandu, but said that before the crash, the aircraft violently shook, tilting toward the left and hitting the ground with a huge sound.

'EAM offered any assistance required in Kathmandu and shared thoughts and prayers for those injured, ' the tweet added. Families of some of the victims mourned outside the hospitals.

According to the airline, the plane was carrying 32 passengers from Bangladesh, 33 from Nepal and one each from China and the Maldives. The Bangladeshi airliner operates aircraft of Canadian Bombardier Inc and Boeing on the route. "It had no technical glitches".

Kathmandu's airport has been the site of several deadly crashes.

"It is yet to be identified whether the pilot or air traffic control was wrong", he said, adding the investigation would be carried out with Bangladesh.

But the captain then said, "Cleared to land Runway 02" when he was in fact approaching to land on Runway 20. After a few seconds, the pilot again replies, "right...holding for runway 02". The aircraft also did not declare an emergency while landing, he said. It made an impact at grassland 200 metres away from the runway.

Chettri said most worldwide flights are directed to runway 02 but depending on wind conditions, flights are also requested to use 20. "It is inconceivable how he chose to land from Runway 20 after making a missed approach from the end Runway 02 that was cleared for landing", a veteran pilot with an Indian private carrier said.

On Tuesday, airport operations returned to normal. "And we stand by the bereaved families of those who lost their loved ones".

Then the pilot said he could see the runway, saying "affirmative". But a moment later, the tower cleared the plane for landing and asked if the pilot wanted to land from 02 - the southern end instead.

But airport manager Raj Kumar Chhetri said it was too early to say what had caused the mountainous country's deadliest crash since 1992.