Jamie Carragher apologises for spitting incident and 'moment of madness'

Thursday, 15 Mar, 2018

Carragher, 40, apologised to the family and later said his behaviour had been "unacceptable" although he insisted he had not seen the girl in the front of the auto. Watching those clips back is like an out of body experience. "It was a moment of madness, it's hard to explain, it was nearly an out of body thing but you can't ever behave like that, it's unacceptable", he said.

"There are loads of regrets but for a 14-year-old girl to be caught up, it devastates me more than anything else".

"Because it is a young girl it feels slightly worse to me". All I can do is apologise as much as I can. It won't happen again.

"It is hard for me to explain".

"It's devastating for the family involved and I'm sorry for my actions", he said in the video below.

Mr Carragher is due to appear on Monday Night Football ahead of Manchester City's fixture at Stoke City, alongside Gary Neville and Celtic manager Brendan Rodgers. "I will apologise to the daughter".

He winced and nearly broke down as he was taken to task by interviewer Sarah Hewson during the TV spectacle, as he made a desperate bid to save his job and his reputation. The former global footballer reacted by spitting him. We would like to hear him about it and hear what happened.

Carragher said that while his future at the broadcaster "remains to be seen", he had not offered his resignation.

"It is Sky's decision, not my decision. I was a role model, people looked to me". The spitting incident incited rage from football fans across the world, with the pundits to labelling it as shameful on Carragher's part. What I would say is that there is no doubt that what I have done is disgusting. They've made it be known there that they're very disappointed and understandably so.

"I'm sure there will be repercussions for him and he'll take them on the chin, but all you can do when you do mess up is hold your hands up and try and deal with it the best you can". I thought, 'Jamie Carragher, he is going to be up for a laugh.' So when he did spit I was taken aback.

"I've made mistakes in those 25 years but this mistake is a huge one".

"If someone spat at my daughter sitting in the auto, I would have been after them".

Murphy believes Carragher - whose own duaghter is of a similar age - when he said he didn't know the girl was in the auto, but admits what he did was "despicable" nevertheless.