Mourners Honor Stephen Hawking, Whose Mind Blazed Bright

Friday, 16 Mar, 2018

His sons and daughter, Lucy, 47, Robert, 50, and Tim, 38, released a joint statement saying that they were saddened by the passing of their father.

In the following 55 years he became the world's most famous scientist since Albert Einstein for his work exploring the mysteries of space, time and black holes despite being wheelchair-bound and only able to communicate using a computer and his famous voice synthesizer.

"When it comes to invention, no one ever promises you a road map and this road map took me in many different directions and it took me in a direction of Stephen Hawking", said Dr. Torch.

He met Hawking on a couple of occasions, in fact, both times McDonald played tour guide for him up north in Sudbury.

In the book, Hawking posed questions and answered them.

This morning the flag outside the college was at half-mast as a sign of respect to the late scientist. The disease would eventually paralyze him and lead to the inability to speak without a speech-generating device.

Allen said he was most impressed by Hawking's black hole discoveries and enjoyed his appearances on "The Big Bang Theory.' His accomplishments helped Allen pursue his own, getting his degree in Computer Science".

"He was an unusual type of personality in cosmology, relativity and black holes".

Actress and neuroscientist Mayim Bialik, who met and worked with Prof Hawking when he appeared on USA sitcom The Big Bang Theory, tweeted: "As we near Pi day (3.14) I join the global community in mourning the loss of the greatest physicist of our era". While Hawking said he wanted to meet Sheldon because he liked his paper, he actually wanted to tell him his thesis was wrong because of an arithmetic mistake.

"We have lost a colossal mind and a wonderful spirit".

After the news of Hawking's death broke the internet, a fan shared a picture of the scientist and wrote, "R.I.P. Stephen Hawking".

Though Hawking at that time looked normal from the outside, he may not be quite so internally, Narlikar said, adding, "It is quite commendable that although his body was not functioning properly, he did some wonderful work for science".

In his 2013 memoir he described how he felt when first diagnosed with motor neurone disease.

"Stephen Hawking was a vocal atheist, who advocated against and openly mocked God", Cain continued.

Hawking will always be remembered for his cheeky sense of humour too.