Instagram's algorithm of doom scaled back to show more new posts

Saturday, 24 Mar, 2018

According to TechCrunch, it reported that the Instagram Stories are testing the post resharing feature which will allow the users to share other users post their stories. Previously available only in the United States, the Facebook-owned photo and video sharing app now allows shoppable posts for businesses located in an additional eight countries.

Twitter has a chronological feed.

Changes to the Instagram timeline have been the hot topic on the Internet as of late.

Instagram is answering the wish of many of its users: It will once again prioritize newer content.

Instagram owned by Facebook is one of the popular social media platforms used by many out there. Until you tap that button, you'll stay right where you are in your feed.

Your feed should feel 'more fresh, ' so hopefully this means you'll see more stuff that's been posted within the last 24 hours versus several days ago.

The company's promising more improvements heading to the platform in the coming months. Instagram confirmed to the publication that it is indeed working on such a feature and that it is now being tested with a small subset of users.

Instagram started changing its feed algorithm in 2016. Here, you can add a hashtag or tag someone.

Instagram on Thursday announced the introduction of hashtag and profile links in the bio section.

The new feature is rolling out now, so make sure you have the most up-to-date version of the Instagram app installed.

Instagram has stated that when adding another user in your bio, this person will receive a notification, and be able to deactivate the link. Meanwhile, the company expanded its shopping on Instagram efforts to eight additional countries, including Canada, Brazil and the UK. Copied from Snapchat, Stories are generally much more intimate and timely than pictures and videos published straight to the feed.

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The feature seemingly works a bit like quote tweeting.