Kim Jong-un Makes Secret Trip to China

Tuesday, 27 Mar, 2018

A mysterious train that arrived in China's capital with unusually heavy security on Monday sparked rumors that North Korean leader Kim Jong Un was making a surprise visit to Beijing.

Chinese state media did not report the train's arrival in Beijing, or any North Korean visit to Beijing.

Meetings between Kim dynasts and China are new for Jong-un, but not new for North Korean leadership.

While North Korea appeared willing to sit down with the United States to talk, according to Cohen, it was worth noting that the hermit nation had also never complied with prior agreements. But with direct talks between Trump and Kim tentatively scheduled for May, Xi Jinping's government is likely eager to ensure that any potential peace agreement aligns with its interests.

The Associated Press reported that a Chinese Foreign Ministry spokeswoman said she was not aware of the situation and had no further comment.

Similar preparations were witnessed in 2011, when a train carrying former leader Kim Jong Il crossed the river, the source added.

The unannounced move follows US President Donald Trump's decision this month to grant an unprecedented meeting to Mr Kim, after South Korean officials said Mr Kim was willing to discuss giving up his nuclear weapons programme.

Yun Sun, a North Korea and China expert at the Stimson Center, told Business Insider that the mysterious train's journey "disrupted the whole railway schedule for northeast China, and people are observing that and drawing conclusions about who might be on that train".

Earlier on Monday, a senior North Korean official said the global community is showing support for the country's new, peaceful policy toward South Korea.

US President Donald Trump has always been pressuring Chinese leader Xi Jinping to take action North Korea. Relations with China, a traditional ally, have been strained after Kim purged several top-ranking officials close to Beijing.

The White House said the USA could not confirm reports Mr Kim was visiting China.

Kim Jong-il travelled by private train during his rare visits to China or Russian Federation under tight security.