Thousands of Yemeni Houthi followers protest 3 years of Saudi campaign

Tuesday, 27 Mar, 2018

Saudi air defenses shot down seven ballistic missiles fired by Yemen's Houthi militia on Sunday, with debris killing a man in what was the first death in the capital during the Saudi-led coalition's three-year military campaign in Yemen.

"The firing of multiple ballistic missiles towards cities contravenes worldwide human laws and is a serious development", a spokesman for the Saudi military coalition said of the missile attack on Sunday.

Turki al-Maliki told a press conference of reporters in Riyadh that the missile which targeted Saudi Arabia's capital on Sunday night was specifically an Iranian-made Qiam missile.

The United Nations, Western countries and the Saudi-led military coalition fighting in Yemen all say the Burkan mirrors characteristics of an Iranian Qiam ballistic missile.

The Huthis in November targeted Riyadh airport in what Saudi authorities said was a foiled missile attack, triggering a total blockade on Yemen's ports and global airport.

A picture taken March 26, 2018 in Um Al-Hammam district in Riyadh shows damages at a home hit by falling shrapnel from Yemeni rebel missiles that were intercepted over the Saudi capital.

The North African country expressed its "extreme concern" over "this risky escalation", and reaffirmed solidarity with and support for "the brotherly Saudi Arabia in its struggle against any attempt aiming at undermining its security and stability".

Houthi rebels confirmed via al-Masirah TV they were responsible for the missile barrage.

The Houthis have been firing missiles at Saudi Arabia for several months, all of which have been intercepted by Saudi Arabia.

The statement further affirmed the UAE's solidarity with Kingdom, stressing that the security of Saudi Arabia is an integral part of national and regional security, WAM reported. Saudi Arabia's foreign ministry publicly stated that it blamed Hezbollah for smuggling missiles into Yemen.

Dramatic video showed patriot missiles being fired into the sky in Riyadh.

The Huthis expelled pro-government forces from the capital in September 2014 and went on to seize swathes of the impoverished Arabian peninsula country.

Iran long has denied supplying arms to the Houthis, though a growing body of evidence contradicts their claim.

The poll comes as some European states, notably Germany, have curtailed ties with the Saudi-led military coalition.