Zach Braff jokes that he bit Beyoncé's face

Wednesday, 28 Mar, 2018

The whole thing started after the Girls Trip star told GQ someone "bit" the mum of three at a party.

Actress Tiffany Haddish revealed details about the freakish incident in an interview with GQ, but left the culprit unnamed.

According to Tiffany Haddish, the incident occurred at the same party where Beyonce convinced her to take a selfie to avoid a fight, and may have been directly related.

Haddish previously opened up about the night in question, telling TV One's Uncensored that an actress touched Jay Z's chest, which caused Beyonce to take action.

He also posted a video of them in a room, while she's smiling back at him.

Haddish said "if you don't like what they're offering you, just no longer do business with them" about Netflix, and pointed to the amount of diverse shows on the streaming platform. You basically just lived through one of Beyonce and Jay-Z's parties.

Who would dare - narcotically induced or not - to bite bloody Beyoncé in the face? Don't do that. That b***h is on drugs. She not even drunk. The b***h is on drugs. She not like that all the time.

Vulture found out what party Beyonce attended and garnered a list of the celebrities in attendance: Rihanna, James Franco, French Montana, Queen Latifah, G-Eazy, Diddy, Sara Foster, Jen Meyer and Sanaa Lathan.

The entertainment news site narrowed the possible culprits to Foster and Lathan.

"And then Beyoncé and Jay-Z walked by me, and I tapped Beyoncé", Haddish continued.

Meanwhile, Chrissy Teigen says she knows who the actress is but will "never" reveal her identity because she's afraid of the repercussions.

Explaining how all her earnings are spent on her family, she adds, "Literally all my money goes into my grandmother and my mother".

Honestly, who would bite Beyonce.

She told GQ magazine she met the superstar at a party in December 2017, where an unnamed actress bit the Formation singer on the face.