Painful lessons from Uber's self-driving auto accident

Friday, 30 Mar, 2018

A dashcam-type video released by the company and Tempe police shows Herzberg was crossing from west to east across Mill Avenue, just south of Curry Road, when the Volvo struck her going about 40 miles per hour.

Uber has offered no comment on the ongoing situation in Arizona.

Above mentioned to restart this testing operation, Uber must apply for a new autonomous vehicle testing permit.

Uber has already suspended all road tests for its self-driving cars after the incident. USA federal authorities on Tuesday opened an investigation into a fatal accident in California involving a Tesla electric vehicle, with one of the goals being to determine whether its autopilot system was engaged at the time.

"Governor Doug Ducey violated the trust of hardworking Arizonans across the state", the party's executive director, Herschel Fink, said in a statement.

Uber, the largest ride-sharing company in the world, has stated that it is slated to let the company's permit with the state of California to test self-driving vehicles on the state's public roads expire on Saturday, March 31, 2018. According to the article in The Guardian, Gov. Ducey urged Uber to roll out its experiment with self-driving cars in Arizona, and calls into question when those tests actually began. Operations in those two locations will not be suspended, barring governmental hand-me-downs that mandatorily make Uber stop.

Besides, Arizona doesn't require Uber or any other operator to report on test drives.

The US Congress has moved quickly to pass the first federal law governing self-driving cars.

"We are proud to welcome innovation to Arizona", he said.

Update 3/28, 3:26 PM: Updated with comment from the Arizona governor's office. Experts told The Associated Press that the technology on Uber's vehicle should have spotted (name her) the pedestrian and the failure revealed a serious flaw.

One of the founders of Otto, a self-driving truck company founded by former Google employees and acquired by Uber, has left the ride-hailing service. On Tuesday, Uber informed the California Department of Motor Vehicles that it would not renew its license to operate self-driving vehicles in the state. While the full ramifications of this incident continue to evolve, this cessation of testing will likely slow development by companies other than Uber as well.