Leon County School Board Approves Resolution Saying 'No' To Arming Teachers

Saturday, 31 Mar, 2018

However, many other school districts are taking that added step of transparency and offering the public and media representatives an opportunity to meet the finalists in a public forum where the candidates will answer questions and be available.

Under McClain's administration, this year, teachers, administrators and support staff received their first raise since the district erased its deficit.

Even with this approved budget, the board said it will still need to borrow about $4.1 million in order to completely close a shortfall.

Mattie Thompson expressed concerns that included schools having long-term substitute teachers, large classroom sizes, unsupervised students and the incident where a late $2.8 million loan payment to the state put the district at risk.

After last week's meeting, parents, student, employees and union officials are still asking for answers from Saginaw Board of Education as to why the district's superintendent was sacked. Prior to moving to Ann Arbor, Swift served Assistant Superintendent for Instruction, Curriculum, and Student Services in Colorado Springs School District 11. "I would recommend that people in the school buildings who work with him evaluate him".

"It's a wonderful community, and I can't say enough about the school district", Duerr said.

"I just decided we would come up with a bunch of kid-friendly menu ideas and roll it out quietly". We want to hear from you as these changes are researched and discussed.

Additionally, as Wisconsin districts now struggle with funding, it is imperative that we think creatively and act strategically to maintain a high level of quality education while working within our budget.

The Seattle School Board has selected three final candidates to become the next superintendent of Seattle Public Schools.

"The first thing we do is use a variety of age-appropriate screeners in the school division", Mitchem told the board.

Now an assistant superintendent in the Colonial School District in Delaware, Duerr said she believes Falmouth schools will be "a flawless fit" for her. I have to compliment the board, staff and community on how well this plan turned out. I think how the students handled it by putting the emphasis on the students who [died] and memories honoring them, and not making this a political event worked to not cause any divisiveness among the students.

McEnry's wife is a second-grade teacher and his daughter recently started kindergarten at Lacamas Heights Elementary school.

"We're going to keep it before the community and we're going to also continue to hold movement activities in our community and movement projects with every sector of the community", she said. The school will eventually need is more space such as land which will allow construction to take place, and then funding will be needed to support growth of the school.

The Lagunitas board passed the resolution unanimously, and Shoreline Unified's administrators are still reviewing it.

"We're pitting this source of funding that was created at the state Legislature for a certain reason against class sizes", Trnka said.