Troubling Reports Surround Family of 8's Fatal Plunge Off California Cliff

Saturday, 31 Mar, 2018

There are some reports that the three missing children may be staying with friends in Portland, according to local NBC affiliate KGW.

Today, Devonte Hart is missing and feared dead after his parents and three of his siblings were killed in a crash. The parents reportedly told authorities that Abigail had a problem with lying.

The sheriff said investigators don't know exactly when or how the SUV went over the cliff, situated alongside a spot commonly used by motorists to walk their pets.

What happened to the Hart family Monday is nearly unimaginable: Their SUV plunged off a Pacific Coast Highway cliff, crashing onto the rocky coast 100 feet below.

The incident was one of several that concerned the DeKalbs about the family that moved in past year: married couple Jennifer and Sarah Hart, both 38, and their six adopted children.

Bruce and Dana DeKalb, next-door neighbors of the Harts, said they called state child protective services because 15-year-old Devonte had been coming over to their house nearly every day for a week, asking for food.

California police are investigating and have not announced any results from the autopsies or their examination of the crash. But they also said there were no skid marks or signs the driver braked as the GMC Yukon crossed a flat dirt pull-off area, about 75 feet wide, and went over the edge of the Pacific Coast Highway.

The Harts' home in Woodland, a town of 6,000 that acts as a gateway to the Mount St. Helens National Volcanic Monument, is tucked away in the woods, hidden from the busy Interstate 5 just a few miles away.

On the surface, Devonte Hart and his family appeared to be in a loving embrace, but underlying accounts of abuse and torture have been uncovered following the family's tragic death. Bruce and Dana DeKalb told The Oregonian that Devonte had been to their home several times asking for food.

The six adopted kids were all homeschooled.

The California Highway Patrol says Sarah Hart, her wife and their six children likely all perished when their vehicle went off a cliff.

Many questions swirling around the case stem from the location of the crash and the family's seemingly last-minute trip on the same day child welfare workers knocked on their door in a remote part of northern Clark County.

But neighbors Dana and Bruce Dekalb told KOIN 6 News the Harts nearly never left home and that signs of trouble started to become glaringly obvious.

Dailey also said the women "expressed some sentiment about not fitting in" to their small town, and said they planned to move. "They go to the store and back but.", Dana said.

Carbajal said that although the family was initially reserved, he grew close to them over a four-month search for a home to buy.

The Washington State Department of Social and Health Services confirmed that CPS tried to make contact with the family on Friday, Monday and Tuesday but were unable to reach them. "We don't know the answer". "We are working with all involved law enforcement agencies on their respective investigations".

Authorities said that there is no reason to suspect foul play.

A USA family has been killed when their 4WD plunged off a scenic California highway, with authorities struggling to find an explanation.

A study of the state's foster care system by the Dept. of Children and Families showed a 16-percent increase in kids living at out-of-home care since 2012.

This week it was also revealed that Sarah Hart pleaded guilty to domestic assault charges in 2011.

Sarah Hart told police she had "let her anger get out of control" and bent the girl over a bathtub and spanked her, court records show.

Detectives followed up with Sarah and Jennifer Hart.

"Sarah immediately took responsibility for the spanking that occurred the previous day", according to a criminal complaint.