As Advertisers Bail, Fox News' Laura Ingraham Announces "Vacation"

Sunday, 01 Apr, 2018

Fox News show host Laura Ingraham announced on her show late Friday that she is taking next week off, after nearly a dozen advertisers dropped her show after the conservative pundit mocked a teenage survivor of the Florida school massacre on Twitter. Hogg has faced intense criticism from right-wing conservatives and gun advocates who have falsely called him a crisis actor after the Valentine's Day shooting in Parkland that killed 17.

Ingraham tweeted a report stating that Hogg was rejected from four California colleges, and stated that Hogg "whines about" the rejections.

Ingraham has apologized to Hogg and invited him to appear on her show, but Hogg said the apology wasn't genuine and was only motivated by the boycott. However, Hogg did not accept the apology, tweeting "an apology in an effort just to save your advertisers is not enough".

"Have some healthy reflections this Holy Week", Hogg said. Hogg tweeted, with a screenshot showing an email to various Arby's executives and press contacts.

Later, referring to the original jab from Ingraham's tweet, Camerota joked, "What kind of dumbass colleges don't want you?" noting that he and his friends have taken the entire country by storm.

Other defectors include Nestle, Johnson and Johnson, TripAdvisor, Nutrish, Expedia, Jos.

Ingraham has since apologized, but Hogg refused to accept.

An advertisers' revolt shows the influence of the Parkland, Florida, teens - and highlight fears about becoming collateral damage in a polarizing controversy.

"The swift results showcase the power that the Parkland survivors have, not just in organizing rallies but in spurring corporate America to act".

Last April, dozens of companies pulled away from the "The O'Reilly Factor" when allegations of sexual harassment against host Bill O'Reilly surfaced. "Those calls have been met with equally passionate responses by Trump supporters who say they are determined to use their buying power to stand with the president and his family". I think now with advertisers standing with us, we can accomplish anything.

Fox News' Laura Ingraham announced Friday night that she would take the following week off. "If she really wants to do something, she could cover inner-city violence and the real issues that we have in America".