State shuts down medical marijuana businesses

Sunday, 01 Apr, 2018

Marijuana is illegal at the federal level, even as 29 states have legalized pot in some form.

Sen. Ervin Yen, R-Oklahoma City, has Senate Bill 1120 that outlines how medical marijuana can be prescribed.

NTI says it has not decided if it will take the matter any further.

The session ends on May 10, lawmakers still have to settle on a state budget and debate on hundreds of pending bills on the senate floor.

The Louisiana Committee of Health and Welfare is now faced with multiple pieces of legislation demanding more freedoms for medical marijuana, some of which will most likely make it to the floor of the House for a vote.

MI is in the process of licensing marijuana businesses under a law enacted in 2016.

The executive director of the Marijuana Industry Trade Association in Arizona, Demitri Downing, calls this an improvement to the booming medical marijuana industry. The state may look the other way, but the federal government may not. "My son is a combat veteran who shouldn't have to be exiled and forced to live in another state to get the appropriate treatment that helps him".

The changes also put pressure on local officials on whether to opt into medical marijuana for their communities.

Last fall, a review panel of health and pharmaceutical experts recommended that the department place 43 new ailments on the list, based on the testimony of patients who suffered from the various conditions.

There are now fewer than 20,000 registered cannabis patients in New Jersey, but that has everything to do with former governor Chris Christie and his loathing of marijuana. Center for Compassion is not a dispensary, he said.

Medvedovsky has five medical clinics, including ones in Moorestown and Turnersville, and recommends cannabis for about 5,000 of his patients. It's more of an uphill battle, but it's one of the reasons we elected Murphy and he seems to be doing his best by his constituents.

According to an October 2016 Winthrop Poll, 78% of SC residents approve of making cannabis legal for medical purposes.