Turkey says France 'completely wrong' on Syria

Monday, 02 Apr, 2018

Turkey has long complained about US support for the SDF, among a number of irritants to ties with the leading North Atlantic Treaty Organisation power. "It's message that this irresponsible action from the Islamists in Ankara stops", said Eissa. Conflict in mainly Kurdish southeast Turkey generally escalates as spring arrives in the mountainous region. Unlike the areas the Turks have attacked thus far, American troops are stationed in Manbij.

Turkey has advised France against strengthening its military power in Syria as it would be considered an equivalent of an invasion.

Syrians in the city of Manbij, which is occupied by US -backed Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) terrorists, also called for an "urgent operation" by Turkey to clear their region from terror elements.

"Those who enter into cooperation and solidarity with terror groups against Turkey ... will, like the terrorists, become a target of Turkey".

In its turn, Ankara has responded, with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan's spokesman saying that the country declines Macron's proposal on holding a dialogue with the Kurds via France's mediation.

"France's assurance of support for PYD/YPG/YPJ terror organisations is clear cooperation and solidarity with terror groups attacking Turkey", wrote Bozdag on Twitter.

The fate of Syria's Idlib will depend on Turkey's ability to keep a lid on the militant-dominated tinderbox and prevent an explosive Russian-backed government offensive on its doorstep, analysts say.

"Who are you to mediate between Turkey and a terror group?"

Bosnia has taken no concrete steps against the schools believed to be financed by the Gulen's network, but some Turkish teachers have left the country under political pressure since the coup attempt.

"I'd like to express my incredible sadness over France's behavior".

The Turkish president added that Macron had made "strange remarks" in a call about Syria last week. Ankara said that Turkey would conduct a military operation similar to the one conducted in other regions in northern Syria if the requirement is ignored.

Six Turkish security forces were killed yesterday after an attack by Kurdish militants in the southeastern province of Siirt in Turkey, local officials said.

"Those who go to bed with terrorists, or even host them in their palaces, will sooner or later understand the mistake they're making", Erdogan said in Ankara.