CHP Investigating Injury Collision Involving Sacramento Deputy

Thursday, 05 Apr, 2018

The Sacramento County Sheriff's Department deputy was on his way to drop off evidence with another officer Saturday night when the two encountered an anti-police brutality demonstration that had spilled onto the roadway, according to Sheriff Scott Jones.

Cleveland was hospitalized with bruises on her head and arm. The deputies involved in the assault have not yet been identified. The comment came about seven minutes after Clark was shot multiple times, and it has led to suspicions of a cover-up among some residents. Clark was unarmed and was holding a cell phone in one hand.

The sheriff's department said demonstrators kicked and pounded both vehicles as they tried to get through the crowd, who had previously been protesting outside of the nearby sheriff's service station.

This news comes as it was reported that a Sacramento sheriff's SUV struck and injured a woman during a candlelit vigil also honoring Stephon Clark.

She lay immobile on the ground until she was loaded into an ambulance. Another cruiser pulls up to behind in an apparent move to back up the first vehicle. In the United States, fleeing the scene of an auto collision constitutes a felony punishable by prison and fines reaching into the tens of thousands of dollars. However, at the time of the press conference he admits he had not talked to the deputy.

The statement also said that the patrol vehicle was damaged with dents and a shattered rear window from the protesters.

"The damage to the vehicle was not a result of the collision involving the pedestrian but was caused by vandals in the crowd", Hampton said.

One of the witnesses named Andre Young said: "This was a hit-and-run".

After showing reporters dash cam video of Cleveland being hit by the patrol vehicle, Jones says his deputy may have been looking to his left at protesters who were hitting and kicking his auto at the time and didn't see that he hit Cleveland on his right.

About eight seconds before the collision, a deputy inside the SUV was heard over a loudspeaker repeatedly telling protesters, "Back away from my auto".

Some Twitter users suggested that the second vehicle had sped up in order to hit a protester and then failed to stop. The sheriff added that the deputy may have been focused on the commotion to his left when he hit Cleveland. "We have a very robust intelligence platform that we rely on to minimize any incidents", Jones said, but did not indicate who he thinks is paying the protesters or what incidents were minimized Saturday night with the help of their unnamed intelligence platform.

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