Brazil tense over prison for da Silva

Friday, 06 Apr, 2018

The Supreme Federal Court (STF) of country decided near one o'clock in morning of Thursday-local time, six o'clock in morning in Europe-reject by a narrow margin of six votes against five Lula's appeal against his entry into prison as a result of conviction To 12 years for corruption that was imposed to him last January. Ahead of elections in the country in October, Silva has been leading opinion polls. Lula da Silva, who served as president in 2003-2011, declared that he was ready to become a presidential candidate despite the court's decision. The Workers Party said the Army commander's comments widely reported by Brazilian media had brought undue pressure to bear on the Supreme Court to rule against him.

The decision came after more than 10 hours of debate in an often heated session. A Supreme Federal Tribunal decision to allow a lower court to force the ex-leader to begin serving his sentence could all but doom his candidacy and generate protests at a time of high tension in Latin America's largest nation.

Madaxweyne Lula Da Silva ayaa lagu xasuustaa intuu xilka Madaxweynaha dalka Brazil uu hayey uu wax badan u qabtay dadka saboolka ah iyo dabaqada hoose oo si weyn u taageersan hogaamiyahan horey usoo ahaan jiray madax ururka iskaashatooyinka dalkaasi iyo guddoomiyaha xisbiga garabka bidix. It was a historic day for Brazilian politics too.

The final vote came as a blow to the presidential candidate, who is now battling six additional corruption charges while trying to regain leadership of Brazil. Luis Roberto Barroso, one of those who voted against Lula's appeal, did not hesitate to praise "economic successes" and achievements in "social inclusion" policies during PT leader's governments.

Lula's conviction was upheld on a first appeal.

"I did not accept the military dictatorship and I will not accept this dictatorship of the prosecutors", he told a gathering of supporters on Monday. Last week, while campaigning in the southern state of Parana, where Moro convicted him, two buses in his caravan where hit with bullets.

An arrest warrant is reportedly expected in a matter of days.

Villas Boas wrote that the army would not now depart from its constitutional role, but some retired officers have warned that the military might indeed be tempted to intervene if the Supreme Court allowed Lula to go free on appeal.

A sprawling corruption investigation involving the state-run oil company Petrobras, dubbed Operation Car Wash, "has ensnared numerous country's politicians and business figures in high-profile allegations", as The Two-Way reported, including the current conservative president, Michel Temer, and executives at the meatpacking company JBS.