Doll stole the show during 'Jersey Shore's new season premiere

Saturday, 07 Apr, 2018

The cast of MTV's "Jersey Shore" took over Miami on Thursday night's global premiere of "Jersey Shore: Family Vacation" - and even though it's been over five years since the hodgepodge of guidos/guidettes partied together, they haven't missed a beat.

Vinny Guadagnino reunites with his former co-stars slash roommates on Jersey Shore Family Vacation, but he tells ET he recently split from his girlfriend, Elicea Shyann. Sounds like that doll's been through some things.

Snooki revealed in a recent interview with Us Weekly that she and LaValle are actually planning to add more members to the family. In the premiere episode on Thursday April 5, Pauly D made a decision to remind everyone that he is the "prank war champion" by bringing along a doll version of Sammi that even had a voice-box that repeated some of her lines from the show.

They were joined in London by their "UK family" of Nathan, Sophie, Chloe and Sam from Geordie Shore and the results were pretty entertaining if you go by their Instagrams.

Break out the tanning oil and get those fists pumping - "Jersey Shore" is back.

Almost 10 years after viewers were introduced to the terms "GTL", "Meatball", and "T-Shirt Time", the Jersey Shore gang (with the exception of a couple of OGs who aren't back full-time) is making a triumphant return to MTV on April 5 in the aptly-titled Jersey Shore Family Vacation. We don't hurt people deliberately.

"I always say we're the flawless amount of different (now)", Guadagnino said. "She hugged me ... and she like whispered in my ear and she's like, 'Oh no, I just peed'". By 2016, the couple was back together and celebrating milestones together. At this point the speakers need to come for a greatly reduced rate or don't come at all since the idea of paying them a single dime is just nuts. "I just wish I wore it better to my body". "Vinny and Ma Eat America" features the mother-son duo road tripping through the United States and expanding his mother's taste palate, considering she's partial to Italian food. "We're not, like, killing anybody and I want my kids to party and not be judgey when they're older". I'm proud that you're the godmother of my kids and you're Snooki.' But our show became successful because of the backlash.

So much so, she even launched her own fashion line in 2015, and told Refinery 29: "I definitely love tight dresses and leopard print, still". "We never put a celebrity in the show". Since then, Ronnie has a new girlfriend named Jen Harley, and the two welcomed a little girl on Tuesday.

The second is her staggering weight loss, with Snooki losing 50 pounds - which is over three stone - around having her children.