Chris Pratt urges fans to see A Quiet Place during traffic jam

Tuesday, 10 Apr, 2018

"SEE THIS FILM!" Ever the jokester, Blake Lively's husband also shared, "@johnkrasinski and #EmilyBlunt are my new parents.

This brings me to the main character in A Quiet Place: Silence. Completely the opposite, which is insane.

With such good reviews, A Quiet Place might be in contention for some awards but we're fairly certain that it already holds a unique accolade. I can not tell you how freaking dope that movie is.

"We just kind of laughed about it, because I have no idea how that started". Well, you heard him. Krasinski's third directing effort, which stars himself and wife Emily Blunt, is about a family in a future dystopia populated by violent creatures with extremely acute hearing. "(ILM was) involved in the process, and they have said to me many times that this is one of their most favorite experiences, because they felt like they were part of the team". Krasinski says to Variety, "the truth is, I never saw it as a horror movie". It's stressful and riddled with anxiety, something she got a chance to shine at while playing the insanity of an alcoholic in Girl on the Train. I'm really, really stoked about this movie.

"And our biggest fear was - we love Bad Robot, we love the people over there, and obviously J.J". He encouraged his fans to watch the movie.

I'm sure he didn't expect them to reply. We thought, what if you pulled it all back? Krasinski worked closely with the famed effects company Industrial Light & Magic, or ILM, to bring the sound-detecting monsters of "A Quiet Place" to life. Are you going to regret coining that? Yes! His experiences in The Office, says Krasinski, helped him mould the horror story that was "not meant to be a horror story". One of my favourite encounters was with a customs agent who said: "Are you an actor? It's that zen thing of let life take you where it may and I never would have been here if I had gotten 'Captain America'". And I said: "The Office, but don't worry, the American Office". And I went:"NO WAY!" Internationally, the Spielberg-directed film has earned $294.4 million, with release still forthcoming in Japan. Like nothing. You can pick them up, toss them in the air and not feel like you're going to the hospital that night. No, I tried and they wouldn't go for it.

You seem to have diverse tastes - what, culturally, have you loved recently?

It would be several years before Krasinski would get another chance behind the camera, though this time he swapped out his notepad for a directors chair.

"Re-imagining The Devil Wears Prada for the musical theater is super exciting", Kevin McCollum, the musical's producer, told Deadline in January 2017. "If you were scared, it's because you didn't want to see anything happen to these people", Krasinski said, in the NY premiere of the film.